Hold the Undead in Your Hands with ARG Zombies

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ARG Zombies is a new project from Tando Productions LLC. The game is an alternate reality MMORPG that brings the zombie apocalypse with you wherever you go. You can shamble over to Kickstarter on March 1 to show your support of the project!

There are a ton of innovative game mechanics featured in ARG Zombies. For starters, the game tracks your position with your device’s GPS, and many different monsters can be found during your daily travels. The team working on the game has also scattered many rare monsters all over the country to encourage traveling to other destinations. Of course, you’ll have to have a safe house in the zombie apocalypse, so set your home as this target so you can sleep safely in your own bed.

Another cool feature comes up in combat. While many games feature turn-based role playing battle systems, ARG Zombies takes the classic formula one step further and lets you pull off more powerful attacks by inputting on-screen commands correctly. This interesting dynamic keeps battles fresh. Keep reading for more details.

From the Official Press Release
Recruit friends, raid buildings, and duel strangers. ARG Zombies is an alternate reality game that pits you against the unending zombie hordes in turn-based RPG combat.

You may only trade/duel with other players that are within 200-meter proximity of your device. Movement is accomplished by getting up and moving around in the real world. Search your surrounding area as you go about your day. Discover new monsters that have limited roaming areas and are lurking in their territory.

Monsters, items, missions, and merchandise all interface with the game through the camera in the form of a QR code scan. Purchasing a t-shirt or keychain will become an interactive item over the life of the game.

Play at each location you visit through your day by “checking in” and clearing the building of monsters for epic rewards.

Players can use the loot they find in game to craft items, equipping them, trading them, or posting them to the in-game auction house.

For more information on the game, check out the official ARG Zombies website, Facebook, Twitter, and especially the ARG Zombies Kickstarter page.

Hold the Undead in Your Hands with ARG Zombies

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