Motion Picture Purgatory: Playgirl Killer (aka Portrait of Fear)

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Show of hands – how many of you knew that singer/songwriter Neil Sadaka once appeared in a horror film? Trembles obviously did, and that film, Playgirl Killer (aka Portrait of Fear), is the subject of this week’s MPP.

The sole IMDb credit of director Erick Santamaria (who also co-wrote the film with Harry and William Kerwin), Playgirl Killer was released in 1968 and stars William Kerwin, Jean Christopher, and Andrée Champagne in addition to the aforementioned Sadaka.

A rich, lonely woman hires a drifter as a live-in handyman. The drifter turns out to be a psycho artist who has beautiful women model for him, then kills them.


Rick Trembles' Playgirl Killer review

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