Turn Your Opponents Into Roadkill While Rocking to the Twisted Metal Soundtrack

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Twisted Metal and its soundtrack are coming on Valentine’s Day, 2012. The game takes a new approach to the series, relying much more on delivering a well-thought-out story for each protagonist. In addition the four main characters’ themes are composed by musician Michael Wandmacher.

The Twisted Metal soundtrack (review here) will feature 35 songs. 15 Will be comprised of classic and more modern songs from various genres, while the other 20 will be all-new tracks composed specifically for the game.

Twisted Metal combines ultimate destruction, dark humor, vehicles, and weapons that act as extensions of each character. The game follows four characters who participate in the Twisted Metal Tournament hosted by Calypso. The tournament results in one lone player, the survivor, to whom Calypso awards one wish- often money or power. However, this time Calypso has much more to offer. At the same time one player is trying to bring Calypso Industries down.

Composer Michael Wandmacher created individual themes for each character faction for Twisted Metal. Wandmacher stated, “The primary role of the music is to give each character their own sound to portray their individual struggle.” Wandmacher created Sweet Tooth the Clown’s theme and his ice cream truck’s theme using large amounts of dissonance combined with dark industrial sounds. Mr. Grimm, a modern day Josey Wales, has a biker rock theme with sad undertones imitating his need for redemption. Dollface has a distorted lullaby theme as if written by demons from hell mirroring her struggle with her physical imperfections. “For Calypso, the mastermind behind the tournament, I created an epic theme. I used Gothic tones created by pipe organs, guitar, and strings,” Wandmacher stated.

Starting in commercial advertising, Michael Wandmacher quickly gained composing credits for works including film, television, and video games. His recent film credits include Bachelorette, Drive Angry, and Piranha. His other film credits include Never Back Down, My Bloody Valentine 3D and The Killing Floor. Wandmacher’s video game credits include Singularity, Over the Hedge and Madagascar. He has written and mixed music for two-time Grammy winner Kelly Clarkson for the film From Justin to Kelly. Michael Wandmacher recently recorded and produced the Extended Play single “Can You Hear Me?” featuring Sarai Gavity to also be released Valentine’s Day, February 14, 2012.

You can learn more about the Twisted Metal soundtrack by checking out our review. For more information on the game and soundtrack, check out the official Twisted Metal website.

Turn Your Opponents Into Roadkill While Rocking to the Twisted Metal Soundtrack

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