Bassett Updates on Solomon Kane

Solomon Kane update!I’m sure like any decent horror fan who follows various projects in the works, one or two of you out there have said to yourselves during the past few months, “What the hell is going on with Solomon Kane, anyway?”

If you're one of those fans, you're in luck as director Michael Bassett (Wilderness, Deathwatch) recently updated his personal blog with just such information! ”...picture is locked. No more cutting, no more changes for the theatrical version of the film. Every visual effect is finalized and cut in. Editorial department has been reduced to a one-man operation to oversee the negative, print and delivery... I’m back in the sound mix next week to put the polish on the dynamics of the sound. Atmospheres dialogue, score...just tweaking it all for the best, big, theatrical sound. It’s my last chance to do this before signing off so I’m grabbing this chance.”

A website is being worked on, which Bassett assures will not feature anything cheap or gimmicky as the film is ”too classy and intense for that”. The trailer is being cut as we speak, but no release dates have been discussed yet.

More as we learn it, so keep your ears open!

- Johnny Butane

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