Silent Hill 5 in Motion

Poking around on YouTube I found a few short videos of the eagerly awaited Silent Hill 5 coming from Konami and The Collective, the same developers of the original Buffy game.

Interestingly enough it’s looking like the game has actually drawn some inspiration from the film. The first video shows the main character Alex Shepherd in a bathroom as those famous sirens start up and it starts transforming into the dark world. If you’ve seen the similar scenes from the film, with the paint peeling upwards off of the bathroom stalls revealing the wire grating beneath, you’ll recognize the look instantly.

What’s exciting about this is that unlike previous games where such changes have only happened in videos, in Silent Hill 5 the transformations are going to happen in real-time during gameplay and with little warning.

Anyone worried about the series being taken over by an American developer should watch these videos to see for themselves how well The Collective seem to be doing at keeping the atmosphere of the series intact, while adding some bonafide exciting new things such as the real-time shifts. Anyone disappointed by the last two Silent Hill titles is probably going to like what they see here as it looks much closer to the first two games in tone.

Silent Hill 5 is currently slated for an 08 release on PlayStation 3 and XBox 360. Check out the clips below!


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