Tony Watt Returns With Acid Head: The Buzzard Nuts County Slaughter

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You knew the guy that brought us Frankenpimp and Vixen Highway 2006: It Came From Uranus! wouldn’t be away for long. Writer/director Tony “Tex” Watt is poised to make his triumphant return in a new film coming this summer, Acid Head: The Buzzard Nuts County Slaughter. How’s that for a handle?!

The film will be available as VOD and DVD release in spring 2012 on Amazon, Indieflix, moviesinsanity.com and TonyWatt.com. All the details including the cast and the bloody details are below, as well as a trailer that can only be described as, well, unique. Take a look and let us know what you think!

From the Press Release
The latest movie from Tony ‘Tex’ Watt, Acid Head: The Buzzard Nuts County Slaughter, is finding it’s way to availability in the very near future. Watt’s recent work as a director includes Vixen Highway 2006 and Frankpimp. The movie stars the director Tony ‘Tex’ Watt himself, and his preferred heroine and frequent workpartner Vivita playing the lead as Pheromone Labonza/Acid Head. Others starring are Lewis Mercer, Lana Tailor, Elvin Domenic, Paul Nicholls and Adam Schickedanz and in a cunning cameo as the sneaky reporter, Biff Bangs, the only European actor in the film: Kim Sønderholm.

On using the latter, director Tony ‘Tex’ Watt said: “When our movie about a killer goth-girl needed a main Greek chorus-type performer [the character who tells the viewer what is going on], to embody the form of news anchor: Biff Bangs… I, as the writer/director needed an internationally appealing actor who was both authoritative and able to carry some of the comedic hyperbole, with dry humor as Sean Connery did in the early 007 movies. Versatile actor/filmmaker Kim Sønderholm came to mind as the first choice, as I admired his acting prowess in such films as Craig, Tour de Force, Bleed with Me; as well as his comedic turn in the 2011 TV series Goodbye Light. Sønderholm embodied to myself, a brilliant character actor, who was very hard working and tenacious. Working with him, showed me that this charismatic and popular performer was exactly what I perceived, as well as being very humorous and humble.”

Idea for the film originally came in 2009, when Award winning Canadian horror author and TV host (Flatline, Post-Mortem, Nightmare in Canada: Canadian Horror on Film) Edo van Belkom’s son Luke started filming Acid Head: The High School Horror based on a loose script plot the young van Belkom co-wrote with actor/filmmaker Tony ‘Tex’ Watt. The script’s projected budget was originally too high; so Watt decided to shoot an improvised sequel, first, based on situations deriving from his previous script.

Tony Watt Returns With Acid Head: The Buzzard Nuts County Slaughter

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