A Hottie Goth Cheerleader Versus Zombies in New Web Series Jessa Kill

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Not everyone looks good battling zombies in a post-apocalyptic world. Sure, Laurie Holden pulls it off very nicely in “The Walking Dead,” but she seems to be the exception to the rule. Normally survivors appear to be disheveled, crusty and undoubtedly stinkier than we’d care to imagine. That is, until Triple Burn Productions introduced us to Jessa Kill.

Writer/director Justin Brooks has recently released the first episode of his web series Jessa Kill about a sexy, feisty zombie holocaust survivor who has no intention of becoming food for the walking dead. In fact, they’re going to need some protection from her! It’s a combination of live action and motion comics starring Ally Tully in the role of Jessa! Check out the first episode of the series below (starring Tully and Chris Harnell), and follow the progress of the series at the official Jessa Kill website.

From the Press Release
Boston effects artist Justin Brooks releases the first taste of the new ongoing indie zombie apocalyptic sexploitation grindhouse horror series, Jessa Kill. Episodes will be released monthly available on YouTube or at JessaKill.com, where you’ll also find a large variety of behind-the-scenes pics and artwork by Kevin Sandberg.

Jessa is a stone-faced evil cheerleader with a mysterious past that will be slowly brought more into focus as the episodes progress. Geared up with guts, guns and a sword that would make Hitori Hanso jealous, Jessa’s here for blood, and oh yes, there will be blood! Jessa Kill brings an exciting new blend of live action and motion comic to tell the zombie-riddled story of Jessa, the only girl in a post-apocalyptic world that still manages to find a healthy supply of eyeliner and hair dye.

So, if you are tired of seeing the movies you love remade into garbage, don’t think Saw 25 or Final Destination 60 are at all necessary, and think Hollywood should burn in the deepest bowels of Hell for allowing Twilight to ever even happen, then give your time to a TRUE indie. Jessa Kill is sure to slice her way into your heart.

A Hottie Goth Cheerleader Versus Zombies in New Web Series Jessa Kill

A Hottie Goth Cheerleader Versus Zombies in New Web Series Jessa Kill

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