White Collar Sideshow Recording with Zombie Producer Chris Baseford

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A year and a half ago or so we first told you about the White Colar Sideshow, a musical performance group that uses horror imagery and the sound of creative percussion to impart a message of horror and redemption. Now that WCS has officially retired their first production and begun recording the follow-up, “The WitcHunt”, we have an update.

Recording is going on now in Los Angeles at Tommy (Motley Crue) Lee’s home with Chris Baseford. Baseford has previously done production and engineer work with Rob Zombie, John 5, and a plethora of other artists.

There are few details available about “The WitcHunt” at this time beyond a basic description on the band’s webpage for the new performance, which states in part, “…a film and live performance based on 7 hidden addictions, and the personal hell that goes through the mind of an addict as each individual’s life slowly falls apart.

While it’s clear a radically redesigned version of the Pig will appear, we’re not sure if the first show’s Faceless Woman, Leech, or Ringmaster will perform in the new production.

White Collar Sideshow Recording with Zombie Producer Chris Baseford

Below you’ll find a relatively new trailer for “The WitcHunt” along with a disturbing video featuring the old version of the Pig character shaving off frontman T.D. Benton’s trademark mustache and a photo of Benton (now stache-less) at the board in the studio. What does this mean in relation to “The WitcHunt”? Time will tell…

Look for more information on White Collar Sideshow and “The WitcHunt” as recording continues and the debut of the new performance draws nearer. To hear more of their music in the meantime, be sure to check out White Collar Sideshow on MySpace and White Collar Sideshow on Facebook.

White Collar Sideshow Recording with Zombie Producer Chris Baseford

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