Film Students’ Traumatizing Work Banned From College Presentation … But We’ve Got it Here!

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Steve Goltz and Kevin Sommerfield are burgeoning filmmakers at Arizona State University. After hearing that no student work would ever be censored by the college’s film program, the duo set out to create an in-your-face slasher flick to appeal to horror fans. Thus, Teddy: It’s Gonna Be A Bear was born and was then promptly yanked from the Annual Capstone Film Showcase, the film program’s big screening of the year.

Even though the flick is so impressive that it was selected to be shown at the Chicago Horror Film Festival, one of the college’s faculty members described it as “troubling and traumatizing.” To which our young filmmakers replied, “Thanks, it’s a horror movie.”

Unfortunately, the problem doesn’t end there. Goltz and Sommerfield have already seen underclassmen change or abandon their scripts for fear of being censored by the college’s film program. Now that’s no way to treat a young filmmaker. What better time to make nutty movies than while still in school?!

Being the fair and balanced people we are here at Dread Central, we decided take a look to see what all the fuss was about. Teddy is an excellent short. It’s nicely shot, the acting isn’t bad and the F/X are really cool. The story is a basic one, but it suits the film’s purpose. Yeah, there are a couple of pretty gory scenes but nothing we could see worth banning a film for.

So here’s the good news … now you can be the judge. We’ve got Teddy: It’s Gonna Be a Bear right here in its entirety. It’s just a bit over ten minutes long and is so worth your time. Take a look at it and let us know what you think in our comments section below.

Film Students' Traumatizing Work Banned From College Presentation ... But We've Got it Here!

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  • Alexcito

    What? What the… Why would they ban this? That’s ridiculous! My money says it’s the anal destruction via tiki torch. Remember the sex in blood scene from “Angel Heart”? Americans get all weird when the line between sex and violence are crossed in cinema. Regardless: what the hell is wrong with those pukes at ASU? Censorship is censorship, but I guess that’s what Arizona is all about these days.