Mario Van Peebles and Carl Weathers Board The Asylum’s American Battleship

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Of all the upcoming blockbusters for The Asylum to do a mockbuster of, I commend the gutsy call made to ride the coattails of one that has already been the subject of much snickering and eye-rolling. Then again, they’re used to snickering and eye-rolling. But by hiring Sonny Spoon and Apollo Creed, their American Battleship already has the cooler cast.

He’s nearly been eaten by Jaws, been beheaded by a Highlander, played a werewolf cop, and co-starred in and directed New Jack City. Now Mario Van Peebles enters The Asylum to board an American Battleship to save the planet from alien invaders.

Those aliens have even bigger problems because Apollo Creed himself, Carl Weathers, is also onboard, and you just know after how things ended for him in Predator, he’s got a chip on his one remaining shoulder when it comes to fighting aliens.

When a fleet of mysterious ships wage war against the Earth, only the crew of the USS Iowa, the last American battleship, can prevent global armageddon.

Joining Solo and Action Jackson will be actress JoHanna Watts (Mutant Vampire Zombies from the Hood!, In Memorium). Perhaps not-so-coincidentally, the writer-director of this Asylum mockbuster is Thunder Levin, the writer-director of Mutant Vampire Zombies from the Hood!

The Asylum’s American Battleship sets sail on DVD/VOD on May 15th, a full 48 hours before Peter Berg’s big budget Hasbro board game-inspired Battleship opens fire on big screens worldwide.

Mario Van Peebles and Carl Weathers Board The Asylum's American Battleship

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  • Genrewriter

    Pretty much the only way I’d see this is if the Carl Weathers character had his first scenes set to “Living in America” and wore those exact trunks for the entire duration of the movie.

    Come to think of it, I’d rather see this than the actual Battleship movie.