More on that Nagging Suspiria Remake

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Hey, kids! It’s time for your daily dosage of non-news, which is when all the major websites on the Internet pick up stories that contain no real news but are littered with buzz words that will serve to get themselves traffic! Hooray!

During an interview for his latest film, The Sitter, director David Gordon Green spoke a bit about how, if at all, the success of Black Swan has helped push along his remake of Dario Argento’s Suspiria.

Green told Coming Soon, “No, that adds to it. That means there’s an audience for prestige in genre, and to me that’s exciting. We’re really close to getting that movie made; if I can get over a couple more budgetary hurdles, I think I can pull it off. My version doesn’t really have any similarities to Black Swan, but it proves to the marketplace that you can take a great risk and you can have something that has great artistic ambition but also has incredible commercial appeal.

I mean, can anyone think of a more “commercial” film than Argento’s Suspiria? Hello? Anyone there? Um …

More on that Nagging Suspiria Remake

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