An Alternate Trailer for Evan Glodell’s Bellflower

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Bellflower, written and directed by and starring Evan Glodell, hit Blu-ray and DVD earlier this week from Oscilloscope Laboratories, and in honor of the occasion the team at Coatwolf Productions have released a new trailer which is actually an old trailer. Confused? We were, too, until we read the explanation from Glodell himself.

Here’s the story per the Coatwolf Productions website:

This is the original trailer i wrote for Bellflower in 2003 before the first draft of the script was even finished. When Bellflower sold earlier this year we got the script back out and decided to make it. We all liked it, but it made me so uncomfortable that i buried it.

Time has gone by, our theatrical release is almost over and everyone still seems to like the film which i think has taken a lot of stress off me. The DVD came out yesterday so this is the last chance for this trailer to have any purpose. I feel like it was our best attempt to make something that truly represented the movie and as odd and uncomfortable as it makes me feel, I have decided to post in on here for whoever cares to see it.

Hope you enjoy.

The film centers around Glodell’s character, Woodrow, who falls in love with the free-spirited Milly (Jessie Wiseman), only to get his heart ripped out and served to him on a platter after things go awry between the young lovers. Once things get nasty between the two, it’s an all-out brutal showdown between them and their friends to see who can outdo each other in the destructive retaliation department.

Check out our Bellflower review, and if it sounds up your alley, order your copy from the EvilShop below!

An Alternate Trailer for Evan Glodell's Bellflower

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