Go Beyond the Visitor Center and Into the Hidden Areas of Jurassic Park: The Game

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Jurassic Park: The Game launches on November 15th and will be taking players into the areas of the dinosaur-themed amusement park visited by Dr. Alan Grant and company that were under construction in the original Jurassic Park film. We’re pleased to share five of the new and unseen areas of Jurassic Park right here, right now!

Available on the Xbox 360, PlayStation Network, Windows PC, and Mac (closely followed by release on the iPad 2), Telltale Games’ Jurassic Park: The Game will take players deeper into the beautiful island of Isla Nublar – the location of Jurassic Park. Players will see new park attractions, deadly new creatures, and intriguing research stations.

Go Beyond the Visitor Center and Into the Hidden Areas of Jurassic Park: The Game

Below (illustrated by recently captured security camera access and images) are five of the new and unseen areas of Jurassic Park, where the action and adventure of the upcoming video game Jurassic Park: The Game will take place.

Jurassic Park Marine Facility:
The Marine Facility is an aquarium complex added to the Phase II construction plan of Jurassic Park when the park’s geneticists unexpectedly hatched a creature of the ancient deep. Recently secured security camera access shows a functioning underwater habitat including its largest inhabitant, a carnivorous Mosasaur. Guests of Jurassic Park will enjoy a thrilling spectacle starring a titan of the seas, all from the safety of an underwater observation rotunda.

Go Beyond the Visitor Center and Into the Hidden Areas of Jurassic Park: The Game

Bone Shaker Roller Coaster:
In addition to being a pioneer in genetic manipulation, John Hammond was also a fan of family entertainment and thrills. As a result he commissioned a series of amusement park rides to complement the living attractions of his Dinosaur Park. The Bone Shaker Roller Coaster was one in a series of thrill rides in a section of the island dedicated more “traditional” amusement. This hacked security camera feed shows the partially completed Bone Shaker Roller Coaster. Originally designed to thrill, it will instead serve as an escape route for survivors fleeing prehistoric predators.

Geothermal Power Plant:
Isla Nublar is a volcanic island, and its endless source of geothermal energy was wisely tapped into by InGen’s engineers to generate all of the park’s power needs. Integrating the Geothermal Power Plant with the rest of the park’s systems necessitated a complex start-up sequence to restore power to the park and the electricity to the dinosaur enclosure fences. This area of the park’s infrastructure will play a key role in the survival of all who are trapped on the island. A quick look at this security camera footage gives a glimpse of the size and scope of the facility.

Dr. Sorkin’s Field Lab:
Dr. Laura Sorkin was an integral part of the initial process of dinosaur cloning, but her attitude set her against InGen. Hammond kept her on the payroll but moved her out to a remote research station to conduct observational behavior experiments with the creatures of the park. In this field station Dr. Sorkin was able to conduct experiments of her own, experiments with deadly potential. A recently hacked security camera feed gives a brief glimpse of what lurks in the nearby quarantine pens.

Go Beyond the Visitor Center and Into the Hidden Areas of Jurassic Park: The Game

North Docks:
Not everyone can afford to visit Jurassic Park by helicopter. Most of the influx of tourism is expected to arrive by charter and cruise ship. For this purpose the North Docks have been constructed to accommodate both private yachts and cruise ships in a soon-to-be-complete marina. Patrons arrive and are ushered into express tour vehicles, which will whisk them away to the Visitor Center.

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