A Relentless Rattlesnake Seeks Revenge in Venom

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There’s a part of me that wants to compare the new rattlesnake revenge thriller Venom to the 1977 flick Orca. That film had a killer whale seeking retribution against the whaler that murdered its mother, and this new film has a rattlesnake hell-bent for revenge against the motorist that ran over its mate.

First-time feature length filmmaker Gary Breslin helms this serpentine Jaws that sees a mother and daughter pitted against a relentless rattlesnake stalking them throughout the desert via the pheromone the mother got on herself after running over the rattler’s mate. If the paralyzing fear of the rattlesnake wasn’t bad enough, the mom gets bitten by the lethally venomous snake, mother and daughter wind up broken down and forced to trek through the blazing desert sun, and then they find themselves pursued by not only the slithering snake but also a cadre of armed thugs after the cash they stumble upon in a downed helicopter while in search of salvation. Now that’s what I call a bad day.

Veteran producer Wolf Schmidt (The Boogeyman, Diamondbacks) is behind this nature gone amok thriller from writer Joan Canning Boris. Jessica Morris (“One Life to Live”), Roberto “Sanz” Sanchez (2 Fast 2 Furious), and young newcomer Oliviah Crawford star.

Venom is set to premiere at the American Film Market next month. Check out the trailer and a few stills below. For more visit the official Venom website.

A Relentless Rattlesnake Seeks Revenge in Venom

A Relentless Rattlesnake Seeks Revenge in Venom

A Relentless Rattlesnake Seeks Revenge in Venom

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  • venomcrewmember

    I was a crew member on this production, and on behalf of all the people who worked on it, I would like to raise awareness that the producer, Wolf Schmidt, violated the contracts for the cast and crew and paid no one for their work. On the last day of shooting, instead of showing up to cut checks as was written into our contracts, he disappeared to San Francisco and promised future payment, which never came. He convinced production assistants to charge expenses (food and other misc.) to their credit cards and then never reimbursed them. I personally lost almost $500 over the two weeks I worked on this movie, mostly for fuel charges, and had to go into debt to make my rent. Wolf even went so far as to completely stiff a pregnant woman, a student on a work visa, and dozens of others who had little power to fight back.

    The cast and crew are in a losing legal battle to get their compensation from Wolf (losing because he supposedly has no money to pay). Even if we do not receive our just do, it should at least be made known what Wolf Schmidt did to the people who worked on this movie. Anyone who is considering a business relationship with him in the future should take extreme caution. He is a criminal and a liar.

  • aliensharkboy

    There’s gonna be too much bad guys and not enough snake action… typical. 🙁