Atlanta Zombie Apocalypse Returns for Year Two

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It’s that time of year again. Halloween is just around the corner, which means you’ll be able to find a haunted house, hayride or haberdashery on every corner. But one haunted attraction seems to stand out more than all the others. Based on 100,000 square feet of mayhem, the Atlanta Zombie Apocalypse experience is one you won’t soon forget.

This is not your father’s haunted house exhibit. You’re not going to be in some cramped single-wide trailer stuffed with cheesy decorations purchased at the local Walmart. The Atlanta Zombie Apocalypse is the real deal. This is as close as you can get to the actual spread of the zombie virus. For more details, check out the Atlanta Zombie Apocalypse website.

From the Press Release
After the smashing success of its first year, the massive Atlanta Zombie Apocalypse attraction has returned for the 2011 Halloween season. Patrons are treated to 100,000 square feet of zombie madness as they navigate through abandoned hotels, office buildings, a post-apocalyptic village and more.

Created by special effects artist Shane Morton (Dear God No!, Halloween 2) and music video director Jonny Rej (Mastodon, Skeletonwitch), this is the largest attraction of its kind in America. It is also unique in the sense that it is more of an “immersive theater” than it is a stroll through a haunted house. You are thrown into a storyline and left to survive the onslaught of countless zombies, fascist militants and the maddened survivors of the apocalypse.

Atlanta Zombie Apocalypse Returns for Year Two

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