The 2011 Reaper Awards: Nominees Announced! Fan Vote Now Open!

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One of the favorite events that we here at Dread Central participate in each year is The Reaper Awards, which we present in conjunction with Home Media Magazine, and we’re happy to announce that the 2011 version is under way. Read on for the details regarding the nominees and how you can help pick the winners.

The Reaper Awards, honoring the best horror and thriller titles of the past year on DVD and Blu-ray, are presented by Home Media Magazine and DreadCentral.com. Eligible titles were released between August 1, 2010, and July 31, 2011. Winners will be announced October 24, 2011.

Fans can select their favorites from the past year in several categories, as well as vote on which title they are most looking forward to in the coming months. Titles were submitted by participating studios.

The ballot can be accessed through either the link at the bottom of the page or at ReaperAwards.com.

The 2011 Reaper Awards: Nominees Announced! Fan Vote Now Open!

Here are the nominees (you can also write in your choice if it’s not there):

Choice Theatrical Cut
Dylan Dog: Dead of Night (Fox)
Monsters (Magnolia)
Machete (Fox)
Let Me In (Anchor Bay)
Insidious (Sony Pictures)
Predators (Fox)
Paranormal Activity 2 (Paramount)
The Last Exorcism (Lionsgate)

Best Limited Release/Direct-to-Video Title
Frozen (Anchor Bay)
Mirrors 2 (Fox)
Black Death (Magnolia)
Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Season 8 Motion Comic (Fox)
Prowl – After Dark Originals (Lionsgate)
I Spit on Your Grave 2010 (Anchor Bay)

Best Title From the Vault (Re-release or Catalog Title)
Donnie Darko: 10th Anniversary Special Edition Blu-ray (Fox)
The Evil Dead Blu-ray (Anchor Bay)
Mad Max Blu-ray (Fox)
Dark Night of the Scarecrow (VCI)
The Rocky Horror Picture Show: 35th Anniversary Blu-ray (Fox)
I Spit on Your Grave 1978 (Anchor Bay)
Troll 2 (Fox)

Best Collection (Boxed Set or TV DVD set)
Alien Anthology (Fox)
The Robocop Trilogy (Fox)
“True Blood”: Season 3 (HBO)
“The Walking Dead”: Season 1 (Anchor Bay)
“Thriller”: The Complete Series (Image)

Best Indie or Foreign Disc
The Defiled (Chemical Burn)
Monsters (Magnolia)
Aaah! Zombies! (Level 33)
Forget Me Not (Phase 4)
I Saw the Devil (Magnolia)

Best Extras
“Thriller”: The Complete Series (Image)
Monsters (Magnolia)
“The Walking Dead”: Season 1 (Anchor Bay)
Frozen (Anchor Bay)
The Rocky Horror Picture Show: 35th Anniversary Blu-ray (Fox)
Alien Anthology (Fox)

Best Box Art
Hobo With a Shotgun (Magnolia)
Survival of the Dead (Magnolia)
Forget Me Not (Phase 4)
Aaah! Zombies! (Level 33)
BloodRayne: The Third Reich (Phase 4)
Alien Anthology (Fox)

Best Big Bad
John Wayne Gacy — Dear Mr. Gacy (Anchor Bay)
Dexter Morgan — “Dexter”: Season 4 (Paramount)
Robert the Tire — Rubber (Magnolia)
Victor Crowley — Hatchet II (MPI/Dark Sky)
Trinity — “Dexter”: Season 4 (Paramount)
Sharktopus — Sharktopus (Anchor Bay)

Best Kill
Time Index 01:06:00 — Crowley slices through two shutgun-wielding dudes with a giant chainsaw; Hatchet II (MPI/Dark Sky)
Time Index 01:20:59 — Hobo kills Drake and then the police kill Hobo — Hobo With a Shotgun (Magnolia)
Time Index 01:43:45 — Jennifer dispenses death at “both ends” — I Spit on Your Grave 2010 (Anchor Bay)
Time Index 00:40:00 — A zombie is killed by a flare and its flaming head is used to light a cigarette — Survival of the Dead (Magnolia)
Time Index 00:51:12 — A man is sitting at the pool talking to the cop when Robert makes his head explode — Rubber (Magnolia)
Time Index 00:32:20 — Machete slices open a guy’s stomach and uses his intestines as a rope to escape out the window — Machete (Fox)
Time Index 00:21:00 — The junkyard chain reaction — Saw: The Final Chapter (Lionsgate)

Best Line
“Machete Don’t Text.” — Machete (Fox)
“Maybe… you’ll end up like me… A hobo with a shotgun” — Hobo With a Shotgun (Magnolia)
“I wonder if Mexican brains are spicy?” — Aaah! Zombies!! (Level 33)
Tim: “I don’t feel like a zombie.” Nick: “Yeah, well idiots don’t feel stupid, but they are.” — Aaah! Zombies!! (Level 33)
“Damn you, Sharktopus!” — Sharktopus (Anchor Bay)

Most Anticipated Title
Cabin in the Woods (Lionsgate)
Chillerama (Image)
Wrong Turn 4 (Fox)
Phantom of the Opera 1925 Blu-ray (Image)
Attack the Block (Sony Pictures)
Tucker & Dale vs. Evil (Magnolia)
The Dead (Anchor Bay)

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