Bloody Cuts Leaves You In Stitches With New Short

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Bloody Cuts is an anthology of 13 low/no budget short horror films that are being released periodically on the internet for us all to feast our hungry peepers on. The team wowed us with their initial offering, Lock Up, and have now followed that up with an even more impressive bit of nastiness entitled Stitches

But don’t be misled into thinking because the budget is low these films look like they were shot in someone’s basement using a handheld camera and a Black and Decker worklight. What I’ve seen so far has not only looked very professional, but also (and more importantly) truly builds tension, the goal of every horror creator.

Stitches is reminiscent of the original Drew Barrymore scene from Scream, but then veers off in its own unique direction. The film, written by Ben Franklin (not that Ben Franklin, a different one) was directed by Ben Kent and stars Bethan Hanks, Paul Ewen, Ryan Gipp and features the voices of Jason Loborik and Caroline Woodruff.

But don’t take my word for it, check out Stitches below and if you like that visit the Bloody Cuts website and check out the rest of their work. Every film is between three and five minutes long (and it’s free!). What do you have to lose?

Bloody Cuts Leaves You In Stitches With New Short

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