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The ABCs of Death Is Looking To Make You Famous! Interested?



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The ABCs of Death

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Bert and Ernie (recent homosexual rumors aside) have never done the alphabet this way. Makers of the upcoming film The ABCs of Death have rounded up 25 of the brightest young directors in the horror genre in anticipation of their anthology-style film. They need one more, and you could be it!

And if having your work melded with the incredible group of directors listed below isn’t enough, they’ve sweetened the pot by offering a cool 5 G’s to the winner.

Here’s what’s required of you: Obviously the ability to spell is going to help you out here as your film will have to be entitled T is for … (this is where you insert whatever clever bit of nastiness you come up with). And obviously you’ve got to create a completely new piece. Judges will only consider films made specifically for this competition. Complete instructions are on The ABCs of Death website.

You’ve got your instructions; now get out there and do it. If you need any further motivation, check out the list of directors and some of their brilliant works. That’ll light your fuse. Hey ho! Let’s go!

From the Press Release
We are searching for the next great genre director and are prepared to give away five grand in cash and a dose of fame to find a lucky winner. The ABCs of Death has already signed up 25 of the most talented genre directors on this planet and saved the 26th spot for someone to grab with both hands and to throttle into submission.

The winner of this global search will have his/her work included in a feature film alongside some of the genre’s most talented new blood. But even if you don’t win, your searing talent may just be discovered through this competition. So if you want to take part in the greatest horror project since Dr. Frankenstein first threw that switch, then just read the below and start those bloody creative juices flowing.

Please do not upload any old short film you may have made. We won’t post anything that isn’t created specifically for this competition. Visit The ABCs of Death website for full instructions, or all your effort may go to waste. Those who don’t read instructions very well should find someone who can.

And yes, you can shoot in any language you wish. All we ask is that you subtitle it in English.

Remember to upload your work as quickly as possible, as the more people you can get to vote for your short, the more chance you’ll be in the Top Ten and go on to the final judging round, when the 25 other directors get to choose the winner. Work alongside some of today’s greatest horror directors!

The Featured Directors:
Kaare Andrews (Altitude)
Angela Bettis (Roman)
Ernesto Diaz Espinoza (Mirageman; Mandrill)
Jason Eisener (Hobo With A Shotgun)
Bruno Forzani and Héléne Cattet (Amer)
Adrian Garcia Bogliano (Cold Sweat)
Xavier Gens (Frontiers; Hitman)
Noburo Iguchi (Machine Girl; Robo Geisha)
Thomas Malling (Norwegian Ninja)
Yoshihiro Nishimura (Tokyo Gore Police; Frankenstein Girl Vs. Vampire Girl)
JT Petty (Soft For Digging; The Burrowers)
Banjong Pisanthanakun (Shutter, Alone)
Simon Rumley (The Living and the Dead; Red, White and Blue)
Marcel Sarmiento (DeadGirl)
Chris Smith (Severance; Triangle)
Srdjan Spasojevic (A Serbian Film)
Timo Tjahjanto (Macabre)
Andrew Traucki (The Reef; Black Water)
Nacho Vigalondo (TimeCrimes)
Jake West (Doghouse; Evil Aliens)
Ti West (House of the Devil; The Innkeepers)
Ben Wheatley (Down Terrace; Kill List)
Adam Wingard (Pop Skull; A Horrible Way to Die)
Anders Morgenthaler and Mikael Wulff (Princess)
Yudai Yamaguchi (Yakuza Weapon; Battlefield Baseball)

The ABCs of Death is Looking To Make You Famous! Interested?

Got news? Click here to submit it!
Make it easy as 1-2-3 in the comments section below!

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The Strangers: Prey at Night – Poster Premiere!



The official one-sheet for The Strangers: Prey at Night is here and it features some ghoulishly scare yet familiar “faces.” Lock your doors and windows and check it out!

The Strangers: Prey at Night is directed by Johannes Roberts (47 Meters Down) from a script by Bryan Bertino and Ben Ketai. It stars Martin Henderson, Christina Hendricks, Bailee Madison, and Lewis Pullman.

The film hits March 9, 2018.

A family’s road trip takes a dangerous turn when they arrive at a secluded mobile home park to stay with some relatives and find it mysteriously deserted. Under the cover of darkness, three masked psychopaths pay them a visit to test the family’s every limit as they struggle to survive. Johannes Roberts directs this horror film inspired by the 2008 smash hit THE STRANGERS.

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New Trailer Arrives for Overkill’s The Walking Dead Video Game



Over two years after it was announced, we’ve finally been given our first good look at Overkill’s Walking Dead video game in the form of a series of new videos posted on the company’s YouTube channel.

The first video introduces Aiden, one of the playable survivors, and confirms that the game will be set in Washington D.C. No gameplay is shown, but it still serves as a pretty decent intro for yet another story in the Walking Dead universe.

Following on from the trailer above, Overkill also released a video introducing the team working on the game, in addition to an extended 28 minute interview with Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman.

Overkill’s The Walking Dead will be a four player co-op action FPS in which you’ll have to fight crazed fellow survivors in addition to zombies. There will be four playable survivors in total, each with their own unique upgradable abilities.

Starbreeze Studios will publish the game on PS4, Xbox One, and PC sometime next year. Keep an eye on Overkill’s YouTube channel for more updates in the meantime.

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New Insidious: The Last Key Trailer Speaks Softly But Carries a Big Whistle



The last word we brought you guys on the fourth installment in the Insidious franchise was when we let you know the new film had snagged a PG-13 rating from the MPAA for “disturbing thematic content, violence and terror, and brief strong language”.

Today we have a new trailer/TV spot for Insidious: The Last Key, and if you aren’t already on board for a fourth round of spooky shite courtesy of screenwriter Leigh Whannel, maybe this quick trailer will do the trick.

You can check out the new trailer below; then let us know how excited you are for Insidious: The Last Key!

I’m digging what I’ve seen from the new film thus far, and this new trailer only strengthens that. Plus I’m excited to see what director Adam Robitel can do with this series after his fucking terrifying previous film The Taking of Deborah Logan.

The film is directed by Adam Robitel from a script by Leigh Whannell and stars Lin Shaye, Angus Sampson, Leigh Whannell, Josh Stewart, Caitlin Gerard, Kirk Acevedo, Javier Botet, Bruce Davison, Spencer Locke, Tessa Ferrer, Ava Kolker, and Marcus Henderson.

Insidious: The Last Key hits theaters January 5, 2018.


Parapsychologist Elise Rainier and her team travel to Five Keys, N.M., to investigate a man’s claim of a haunting. Terror soon strikes when Rainier realizes that the house he lives in was her family’s old home.

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