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11 Stranger Things Remixes Worth Your Time



It’s now been over a month since Netflix launched the second season of its hit show “Stranger Things”. We followed the exploits of Mike, Will, Lucas, Dustin, and Eleven a year after the events of the first season where the stakes were raised far beyond anything we’d seen before.

Now, obviously I can gush endlessly about the contents of the show, the characters we’ve met, and the waves of nostalgia that washed over me with every scene, but this post isn’t about that. Rather, it’s a celebration of the impact that “Stranger Things” has had on the music community, spurring a wide variety of musical interpretations in the form of remixes, mashups, and more.

To that end, I gathered 11 (get it?) that I personally enjoyed the hell out of and compiled them below. I highly suggest “Into Things” as well as “You Better Run”. The first is a fantastic blend of C418’s remix and Ariana Grande’s “Into You” while the second takes lines from the show and autotunes them into a mini- musical.

If you’ve been looking for some new tunes, here’s your chance to spiral into the Upside Down!



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