San Diego Comic-Con 2011: Major Supernatural Season 7 News

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There’s spoiler-ish news from the Supernatural Comic-Con roundtable that we’re bringing your way this afternoon. Nothing that’s going to outright spoil the surprises the next season has in store for its fans, but some interesting tidbits nonetheless.

San Diego Comic-Con 2011When asked what demented ideas he would write this season, Ben Edlund mentioned that he’s dying to send the Winchester boys to space. “I really want to put them on a spaceship! I don’t know how we’d do it, but I’m pushing for it.” Edlund also stated that he’d love to do an animated episode to tie in to the anime that’s en route to Blu-ray and DVD this week.

If you’ve yet to see Season 6, proceed at your own risk:

Season 7 will pick up seconds after the last season, and the first crop of episodes will focus on Castiel having fun with his new God powers, his pride and the consequences of it.

After Season 5 didn’t end the show, Edlund said they are very conscious of an endgame for the series should further seasons prove to be the last, but they always leave room open for it to continue. “The fact that the story never ends is interesting. The Winchesters’ curse is that it will never be over for them.”

They are introducing a new hunter character this year – one of Bobby’s old friends who is a conspiracy junky who thinks the government is behind everything supernatural. Dean and Sam pay him a visit and end up getting caught in one of his house traps.

The big bad of the season will be revealed in the second episode, and the character of Sheriff Mills will be roped in to deal with it.

Also, when asked if the Ghostfacers would ever return, Sera Gamble said they are having a hard time working them in, but they will definitely be back.

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