Exclusive: Uwe Boll and Natassia Malthe Talk BloodRayne: The Third Reich

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Today the third installment of the BloodRayne franchise drops on DVD and Blu-Ray courtesy of Phase 4 Films, and love ‘em or hate ‘em, it’s hard to deny that the mastermind at the helm behind the trilogy- Uwe Boll- is one of the more fascinating people working in the industry today.

Recently Dread Central had the opportunity to chat with director Boll and the film’s star, Natassia Malthe, about what fans can expect with this latest BloodRayne offering and future plans for the franchise.

Boll, who has made a career out of breathing life into video game features, discussed what it is about Rayne and her journey that keeps him coming back to direct each installment in the franchise.

“I have always loved the character of BloodRayne because she’s like a ruthless, violent, blood and sex driven superhero in her own right,” explained Boll. “If you look at the other vampire movies like BloodRayne- like Underworld- there’s still a safety to that kind of a heroine, and here Rayne isn’t at all apologetic for who she is. That’s something you see in the game, and I wanted to be true to that in the movies- she needs blood to survive and you can also refill her batteries with sex so of course we’re going to have lots of blood and lots of sex in these movies.”

“When I made the first movie, I had always planned from the beginning to make a trilogy. I’ve made a lot of video game based movies, and I was never excited about doing a franchise or the second part but BloodRayne was always the exception. I like this character a lot and I really like doing the movies because the movies are always different genres. I made the first movie as a classical, period piece vampire film. The second one is a vampire western and now we made a vampire war movie for this third movie. Because Rayne is timeless and immortal, you have the ability to explore all these different time periods which I think adds something more to this trilogy,” added Boll.

Malthe, who came on as the titular character in the second film BloodRayne: Deliverance, described the evolution of her character since the second film was released in 2007. “I did go in a different direction with Rayne this time around. In the first two movies she’s definitely a little softer than you’ll see her in this movie. Now she’s jaded and she’s got way more of a dark streak to her and I think she’s struggling with the idea of trying to do right and is also starting to see the appeal of the dark side too.”

“I liked the second film but I kind of thought it was too soft and girly,” added Malthe. “I wanted Uwe to harden her up for the third movie and make her a lot tougher than she had been. I also realized after the last movie that me wanting Rayne to evolve also meant I needed to progress with my fighting as well because I saw that I needed to get better at that too so I really trained hard for this movie. As an actress, I think that my performance in this movie is far more interesting than what I did in the previous movie.”

Boll added his thoughts on why he saw the need to take the character of BloodRayne to an entirely new level that fans of the franchise may not have seen her at in the other previous installments. “We decided her character needed to change with each story because when you think about it, she’s been out there in the world for a long time. She someone who is unemotional because she’s a stone cold killer and she takes what she needs when she needs it, whether it’s blood or sex. Rayne is definitely more ruthless in this third movie- she had somewhat of a moral code in the second movie but that’s definitely not the case in this one. We made this movie to be more in line with the first and I always said I was going to bring the story back around to tie into the world of the game and that’s exactly what we’ve done.”

Now that the trilogy Boll had envisioned back in 2005 has come full-circle, we asked the notorious director whether or not he has any plans for future BloodRayne installments. “If we do a part four, I would want it to take place during present day just so we could see how she would actually live in the society of today. Personally, I’d love to do an organized crime angle too because I feel like our present-day society has a lot of ‘vampires’ living in it so it makes the most sense to bring Rayne into the world now. Besides, I’ve never seen a gangster vampire movie before so I think it would be a lot of fun to get to be the one to make one.”

Malthe, who’s been involved with the growing franchise for about four years now, talked about how she’d love to come back for another BloodRayne film and thinks updating the setting for current times gives her an opportunity to challenge herself in new ways.

“We’re like a big family now and I think you can do a better job on set the more you continue working with the same people so I know I’d love to come back on for part four,” explained Malthe. “I love the feeling of coming back every few years and working with Uwe and everyone else too. So I do think updating the setting for Rayne’s story would be fun like Uwe mentioned and I’d love to push myself even harder for the fourth movie. The only condition I would make is that this time, I want to get to ride a motorcycle. That’s my only request because I think it would be kind of badass to do some motorcycle stunts for a change.”

Thanks to both Uwe and Natassia for their time!

Two New Clips: Bloodrayne: The Third Reich; Chat With Dr. Boll and Star Natassia Malthe

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