Lilith Crawls Our Way

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A new indie horror film is crawling our way from Sridhar Reddy which, if we do say so ourselves, looks pretty bitchin’. One look at the imagery and concept art inside, and we think you’ll agree.

Check out some stills from the film, entitled Lilith, which stars Bitch Slap‘s Julia Voth, below. And be sure to head on over to the director’s Lilith blog, where he shares his thoughts on the film’s genesis and a whole lot more. Dig on an excerpt below along with some really cool eye candy.

“The concept was to have a large, creepy building where each floor served as a ring of hell, and Satan was in a chest freezer in the basement morgue. The concept was vague and lacked a clear protagonist and antagonist (hell is a force of antagonism, not an antagonist itself), and by nature The Inferno was a passive, observational story, but something about it felt right. Can’t really tell you why, but it did. After many days of soul searching, I decided, for better or worse, that this was the story I was going to pursue.”

Lilith Crawls Our Way

Lilith Crawls Our Way

Lilith Crawls Our Way

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Steve Barton

You're such an inspiration for the ways that I will never, ever choose to be.

  • lilithfilm

    Hey there! Thank you so much for picking up on us at Lilith! If you need any info from me I’ll be more than happy to oblige. Thanks for reading the blog, and there’s definitely more about the film coming soon over the horizon.

    Thanks again!

    Sridhar Reddy
    Director, Lilith