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Indie filmmaker Jeremiah Sayys is back with a brand spanking new project, and we’ve got the first look and details for you right here. We’re hip like that, ya know? Dig it!

From the Press Release
After coming off his directorial debut with the psychological horror/thriller “Of Silence” in 2009, up and coming actor, writer, director, producer Jeremiah Sayys has spent the last two years in post-production perfecting the film. During that time he has managed to take time to produce and star in the family drama “The Legends of Nethiah”, in which he plays the title character, and to produce and star in the horror comedy “OPIOUS”, playing the edgy character Silas who is part of a ghost hunting group that has to close a portal from hell after it was accidentally opened. His next directorial project was supposed to be the werewolf horror film “WULF” that was planned to go into production in April of this year, but it never happened.

So how is Of Silence coming along, what happened to WULF and what next does he have on his plate? Well, let’s hear it from the man himself. Sayys explains the lengthy post-production process on Of Silence: “Of Silence was a true independent film. We shot the film on a very low budget on 35mm. By the time post-production began, we had no money left. It took some time to find a post-production team. The team we found, each one of them are amazing talents at their fields, and I’m honored to be working with them and look forward to continue working with them in the future. The same goes to the production crew on the film and the cast. We had an amazing crew that worked their asses off every day and a cast that really brought their A game, delivering incredible performances. The film looks amazing. We are still in post sound right now, but everything else is finished. Once the post sound is complete, which I was guaranteed by October 1, the film will be officially complete.”

As for WULF and his next project, Sayys had this to say: “I was really looking forward to WULF. It’s a great script. I really enjoyed writing it. I thought everything was on track to start shooting in April, but among many other things the funding never came so I had to regroup and really think of what I wanted to do, what I felt was right for me to do. As much as I love the story of WULF, the whole situation surrounding it of what happened with it really made me lose interest in doing the project. My whole heart has to be into what I’m doing. If it’s not then it makes no sense to me in doing it. And my heart just wasn’t into doing WULF after what happened, so I decided to take some time to really think about which project of mine that I really wanted to do, that I can put my whole heart into. That project became Immoral Prodigy, a serious drama/horror/thriller slasher film with a lot of heart. I’ve always wanted to create a new horror icon, a new slasher king. Immoral Prodigy is my chance. I decided I would raise the funding myself for Immoral Prodigy. With WULF I was working with another producer who was raising the money. For Immoral Prodigy I want to be the one out there making it happen, rather than sitting back and waiting. So what I decided to do was take a small piece out of the feature film and shoot a short film to help with raising funds. I was able to raise some funds to shoot the short and I went out and shot it on 35mm. Now we are in post-production on the short, with a September completion date.”

Immoral Prodigy stars Malese Jow. Also starring in the film are Jeremy Miller, Najarra Townsend, Nick Palatas, Paul Cuneo, Michelle Cuneo, Serein Wu, Max Jenkins and Joseph Gatt. Sayys has a cameo playing Zachary, the lead in the feature film.

One day when a group of friends are playing at a park, one of the little boys named GAVIN DAVIES just stopped playing. Stopped laughing. Stopped talking. Stopped being the loving, carefree kid his parents had raised. Soon after, a new persona began to manifest itself… Now, years later the group of friends are adults, living their everyday lives. After the brutal attack by a mysterious figure known as The Lurker that left a young girl, Meredith, in a coma and her friends dead, Zachary, one of the friends in the group and Meredith’s cousin, is there for her along with Meredith’s best friend Yacy, waiting and hoping she will wake up. Meanwhile, unbeknownst to Zachary, The Lurker begins stalking and studying his next victims, the rest of the friends in the group: Elizabeth, Rydan, Samantha, Sissy and Brandon. Meredith finally wakes from her coma. Zachary and Yacy are there to help her to deal with what happened to her. But Zachary, Meredith and Yacy soon realize Meredith’s attacker isn’t finished just yet when they horrifically discover they are The Lurker’s final pieces of his puzzle.

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