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In school and throughout my teenage years, I was an absolute and total lunatic. Not kidding either. I super-glued my Spanish teacher to her chair, punched my principal in the face, threw a computer through a closed glass window, etc. You name it. I did it. Though if detention would have been as bad as it is in the movie of the same name, I may have thought twice!

Hitting DVD from Take 2 Releasing/Allegro is James Hickox’s ghostly tale of Detention, starring the late great David Carradine, Billy Aaron Brown, Thomas Calabro, and Zelda Williams.

Check out the plot crunch and DVD artwork below.

A group of high school students are sent to after-school Detention for unexplained reasons. There, the teenagers find themselves abandoned and locked in the classroom after their detention teacher leaves, then mysteriously disappears. With night slowly approaching, a thunderstorm builds outside. The heavy rain and lightning cause a massive power failure, throwing the school into total darkness. Then strange, haunting images of ghosts begin to appear in the school. The kids manage to break out of the classroom only to find that the old building has taken on a life of its own, keeping them trapped inside. As they struggle to escape, the teenagers learn about the death of a student back in the 1970’s. Slowly they unravel the history of this tragedy and learn that they are somehow connected to the student’s macabre and untimely death. They will also soon find out that they are being held responsible for this horrific event of the past and will pay for it with their lives!

Get Sent to Detention on DVD

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Steve Barton

You're such an inspiration for the ways that I will never, ever choose to be.