Attack of the Moon Zombies Attack DVD Next Week

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Christopher R. Mihm probably never thought in 2006 when he set out to make an affectionate throwback to black & white monster movies of a bygone era that he’d develop his own homegrown cottage industry of retro-style b-movies. Next week will bring the DVD release of his sixth do-it-yourself homage: Attack of the Moon Zombies.

Mihm has been cranking out a new tongue-in-cheek microbudget monster movie a year since getting started with 2006’s Monster of Phantom Lake (review here). Since then he has It Came from Another World!, Cave Women of Mars, Terror from Beneath the Earth (review here), Destination Outer Space, and now Attack of the Moon Zombies. I admit I’ve only seen two of his films thus far but enjoyed both.

His latest, Attack of the Moon Zombies, will be released through his website (link below) May 25th and is already available for pre-order for the suitably low price of $9.95. This one brings back a popular character from Terror Beneath the Earth to contend with space fungus zombies on the moon.

Twenty years have passed since Dr. Vincent Edwards (once again played by the ever-talented Mike Cook) took on a certain radiation-mutated bat creature and he is ready to retire. While training his replacement on the Jackson Lunar Base, the two stumble upon a seemingly impossible discovery: alien plant life on the surface of the moon! Unfortunately, exposure to the spores of this otherworldly flora cause instant death. Too bad those killed by them don’t stay dead and instead, want nothing more than to replicate!

As is the case with all Mihm releases, each DVD contains an ultra-high-quality, widescreen presentation of the film, exclusive bonus features and featurettes, stereo audio, subtitles, and audio commentary with writer/director Christopher R. Mihm (and assorted guests). One look on his website and you’ll also find posters, t-shirts, and even stuffed plush versions of some of the Mihmiverse’s more monstrous creations.

If you have a fondness for the kind of old atomic age sci-fi schlock the likes of which they don’t make anymore and enjoy campy throwbacks like The Lost Skeleton of Cadavra then the movies of the “Mihmiverse” should be right up your alley.

Attack of the Moon Zombies Attack DVD Next Week

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