American World Pictures Adds Three New Genre Features to its Cannes Slate

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American World Pictures, an LA-based independent motion picture distribution and production company, is gearing up for the 2011 Cannes Film Festival with updated info on three of its genre acquisitions in this year’s line-up: Jack the Reaper, Boggy Creek, and Spirit Hunters promise to be big sellers for the company at the fest.

We just gave you the lowdown on Spirit Hunters last week (click here for the one-sheet debut), and now there’s a trailer to share. It’s directed by J.P. Pierce and stars Michael Chandler, Danielle James, Doug Jones, Michael Dorn, Robert Picardo, and Zak Ward.

A cinematographer and soundman, Morgan and Cricket, head to a remote Idaho ranch to film the pilot episode of “Spirit Seekers,” a new reality TV show about ghost hunters. When the host dies during filming, the production shuts down. Unbeknownst to the cast and crew, the show’s director planned the host’s death to boost ratings. Dr. Randolf Fairfax (Jones) fears the bloodshed has awoken supernatural spirits that are now hellbent on their own revenge! The crew must try to survive, dodging bullets, ghosts, and a scheming television producer (Picardo) as they race to find out what is really going on at the end of the road.

Jack the Reaper is directed by Kimberly Seilhamer and stars Douglas Tait, Sally Kirkland, and Tony Todd.

A stretch of road the locals call Death’s Door has taken many lives over the years. It turns out to be the playground of a reaper we’ll call Railroad Jack. When a group of ten teens set out on a field trip to a Railraod Museum, Railroad Jack makes sure their bus crashes on the way back. As they explore Railroad Jack’s carnival, the reaper picks them off one by one. His weapon of choice? A pick axe.

American World Pictures Adds Three New Genre Features to its Cannes SlateAmerican World Pictures Adds Three New Genre Features to its Cannes Slate

Boggy Creek is directed by Brian T. Jaynes and stars Texas Battle, Stephanie Honore, Damon Lipari, Shavon Kirksey, and Melissa Carnell.

When Jennifer’s father dies in a horrific accident, she finds herself drawn to his small cabin in Boggy Creek, Texas. She brings a few friends for a week-long stay, but their vacation soon turns deadly. They are warned of an evil that has lurked near the water for three decades, a terrifying creature that murders men and abducts women. While camping, Jennifer and her friends encounter this evil, finding themselves on the feeding grounds of a giant beast. What began as a journey of self discovery becomes a desperate fight for survival along Boggy Creek.

Look for more on all three of these films soon!

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