Osama Bin Laden – Dead

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Speaking as Steve Barton and not Uncle Creepy here for a moment. I am going to get personal so if you don’t want to read this, please just move on to another story. I’m allowing myself this space as a means to finally work out all this stuff that’s been lingering in my head and maybe share something with others who are going through the same thing I have been for the last ten years.

Dave Tirado, Osama Bin Laden - DeadOn September 11th, 2001 thousands of people were lost. Tragedy had hit Stateside on a devastating level. One of those gone was David L. Tirado, one of my absolute best friends and the gentlest soul I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing. I was in the city that day and watched the whole thing go down. It was horrific. Worse than anything a filmmaker could possibly conjure. Because of all traffic in and out of Manhattan being suspended I ended up walking home to Brooklyn. Despite the agony of the day’s events I also saw humanity at its finest along the way. It didn’t matter what you were, what your color was, what God you prayed to. Everyone was the same. All anyone was doing was helping each other get home to their families. Store owners were offering water and food to wandering shell-shocked people. Complete strangers were helping each other walk. I’ll never forget it.

The entire way home I just kept thanking the powers that be that I didn’t know anyone who worked in those buildings. My walk took around four hours. There was no telephone service anywhere so I couldn’t even call my house to let anyone know that I was okay. When I finally turned the corner of my street my brother Rob was waiting outside for me. He ran up the block and gave me a hug the likes of which I’ll never forget. I was covered in dirt and my feet were bleeding from the boots I was wearing, but because of that hug I felt instantly better. Before I even got inside Rob sat me down and told me that there was a chance that Dave could have been in one of those buildings. The next few hours are pretty much a blur.

How could this be? Dave didn’t even work in the Trade Center. He was a computer tech who happened to have gone into work early for the first time in his life. Dave was late for everything. If we needed to be somewhere at 8:00pm, I had to tell him we were due there at 6:30. Him going to work early was unfathomable but sadly it was true. Dave responded to a work call on the 102nd floor of the first tower hit just fifteen minutes before the disaster. I saw the plane rage into that building as it happened. It’s like I have watched him die thousands of times since. He was just gone. They never found a single trace of him anywhere. It was almost as if he’d never even been here, but we who knew him were left with a horrible void. One that can never be filled.

It took almost a decade before I could speak about any of this, and this is the first time I’ve ever done so publicly anywhere. Dave was my Tonto, man. I love and miss him more than words could ever fully describe. With his passing I learned that life was really short and you just never know when your time would be up. It taught me that we’re here for such a scant amount of time and we have to live and love while we can.

I’m a street kid from Brooklyn, New York with a GED. The only thing I ever truly loved and kept my sanity was horror movies. I knew that somehow I needed to do something in that field. I had to do what I loved. If it hadn’t been for that kick-in-the-ass wake up call I don’t know if I’d even be here doing this. Along the way I met a lot of people who have helped me realize this dream — with Dave as an angel on my shoulder because I’m way too stupid to make this happen left on my own. Good friends like Jon Condit and KW Low who are now my partners in DC. My rock Debi Moore who keeps me going every day, and of course you guys. While I haven’t met all of you in person please know that I’m well aware that you are the ones who enable me and everyone here at Dread Central to do what we love. You’re our life’s blood and each one of you is extremely vital to us. You’re not our readers. You’re our peers. I cannot be more clear about that.

The announcement has just come that Osama Bin Laden has been killed. US troops engaged him on the ground and he saw in his final moments who was there to get the job done. The same people he’s been trying decades to destroy. This makes me happy. I’d never wish death upon anyone but in this one instance … and I say this with every ounce of feeling and emotion that I can gather … fuck him.

While his demise will certainly never bring back Dave or any of the others lost, at the very least we all have a little bit of closure. Bin Laden’s vile act served to do little else other than make us all a lot stronger. I’m sure that definitely wasn’t his intention but again … fuck him. I don’t know if any of you are even reading this, or have even read this far. If you have, bless you for your time and for listening.

But most of all … thank you for helping us, me specifically, keep our sanity intact.

“Justice Has Been Done” – President Barack Obama, May 1st, 2011.

Back to the news as you’ve come to expect it.

Much love and peace, and god bless.

– Steve Barton

Osama Bin Laden - Dead

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  • Uncle Creepy

    Wow. I don’t even know what to say. Thank you guys. Thank you so much.

  • Emy

    Very well said Steve.

    • Emy

      And, if I may add… the whole day of 9/11 hit us hard in Montreal as well. We might not have been Americans, but we were one of the closest cities to NYC, so it hit hard. We also saw a lot of planes diverted to us for safety reason and the whole town kinda became extended family for stranded American travelers. It was a rough time, a scary time. And now he is dead. It does not mean that terrorism will stop but Bin Laden is dead and gone and it does bring some form of closure.

  • ferrisblack

    Hey, Steve. We haven’t met. I have been a fan of the site since stumbling upon it in RUE-MORGUE magazine. That was a moving post and I think we all rejoice in this news. I am truly sorry for your loss. I am, however, moved that you used this tragedy to push you to live hardcore. I am floored by your site. Your friends and family should be proud. GOD bless. Here’s hoping Bin Laden’s 72 virgins are men.

  • Sirand

    Amen, Steve! That was beautiful!

    When it comes to universal questions of pain and suffering and loss, the light at the end of the tunnel is what it means to us. More than anything in life, it’s what truly defines us, makes us realize who we are and helps us grow stronger. Even if it’s just a brief moment, when humanity can cast aside all the petty shit and come together, there’s nothing more beautiful. And last night was one of those moments.

    Cheers, brother.

  • Uncle Creepy

    I was very hesitant to even write the above as that’s not what Dread Central is for. Yet my head was literally swimming and once I started I just couldn’t stop. I apologize to anyone who feels that this type of thing has no place here, but I’m not sorry for what I’ve written. My only intention was just to share and if it helped just one person who read it than it was all worth it.

    I never expected such a strong reaction from anyone. Thank you.

    • PelusaMG

      It’s your website, so as far as I am concerned you can do what you like – post what you like – like what you like etc.

  • ambear913

    Beautifully put! Peaceful rest to your friend and all others lost that day!

  • LifeMi

    Steve, this might just be the best writing I’ve ever seen on 9/11 in the past ten years. My respect for you has grown leaps and bounds because of this (not that I didn’t respect you before), so thank you.

  • theGoldenSimatar

    Amen Steve.

  • ChaosWeaver

    Steve, I whole-heartedly agree with your resounding “fuck him”. While I was very young (15) when this happened, the significance of that day has never been lost to me. And while I am not an American and may not be affected as strongly as others, today is a day that everyone – Americans, Canadians like myself, and people from around the globe – can join together and be stronger because of what has happened.

    Justice has been served, no matter how long it took.

    America, Fuck Yeah!

  • PelusaMG

    I read this with tears in my eyes… Just recently my father lost his battle with cancer, and I know and feel the pain you are talking about here Steve. I also completely agree with you that the death of someone close to you makes you ‘wake up’ and realise that life is, “really short and you just never know when your time would be up”.

    I have never met you – not sure if I ever will – but from this reader here in MN (and before that the UK), I LOVE this website and believe you should be proud of all you have achieved – not only because it is THE premier site for all horror-related news, but because you have honoured the memory of your dear friend with your outstanding work here. We cannot bring back our loved ones… but we will never forget them, and in that respect they continue to stand with us each day!

    Peace to you my friend…

    Steve (Pelusa MG)

  • MagusMaleficus

    My arm is still sore from a thousand fist-pumps. My head is still swimming from the news. I just can’t believe we finally got that rotten motherfucker.

  • GuidanceGhoul

    That was extremely moving, Steve; you brought tears to my eyes. Thank you for sharing your real self, your real heart here. Enjoy and savor the new level of peace you’re now able to feel. Take care.

  • lionheart

    Thanks for your honesty, Steve. 9/11 is not a day that I like to remember, but at least I can look back with some sort of “closure”, now.

  • Terminal

    I don’t rejoice his death since terrorism didn’t begin and end with him. Terrorism is an idea and not an individual, and more terrorists will live on after him. Like they say, when one evil dies, another greater one replaces it. And I tend to subscribe to that idea.

    BUT I can see where you come from and I thank you for sharing your thoughts on your friend. Your piece was well written and heartfelt. We lost a lot in 9/11. I lived through it and still recall it as the day where the country was forever choked near death. Thanks again.
    “We are bad guys. That means we’ve got more to do other than bullying companies. It’s fun to lead a bad man’s life.”

  • DeTuinman

    I chocked up reading your account of what happened to you and your friend on that horrible day.

    My sincerest respect and compassion to you, your family and anybody who has lost loved ones on that day.

    I do not believe in one particular faith, but if there is a heaven and a hell I hope that this piece of shit burns forever.

    Be well and take care.

    The mind is like a parachute…it only works when it is open.

  • Cinemascribe

    That was very moving Steven. Thank you for sharing that and putting a human face on this in the most personal way possible.

    I watched with at first shock and then increasing amazement and finally no small amount of pleasure as the news broke over the AP wire early today. Evil incarnate was dead. The man who had orchestrated the September 11th attacks -not to mention terrorist attacks in other countries as well- had finally met justice at the business end of a US soldier’s gun.

    I have family currently serving in the military whom we have not seen for ages because of these wars. I have lost loved ones and held dear friends as they sobbed into my shoulder, mourning the loss of their family in battle because of what this man did. Moreover (as is likely the case with most who will read this), I share the satisfaction that comes from knowing that the souls of 3,000 + of my countrymen – including your friend- have been avenged today with the death of the man who was responsible for those attacks.

    By feeling pleasure we’re not celebrating a death, Steven. None of us who rejoice at this news are. As I wrote elsewhere on the web tonight, what we’re actually celebrating is one of the historic and rare occasions when someone who has done some very bad shit has met justice at the hands of the very people he did the bad shit to. Far too often in this world the bad guy gets away with it. But not this sick bastard. It took a while, but we nailed him. Fuck him indeed.

    Y’know, whenever non-horror fans ask me how I can watch “those” sort of movies, I level them with a steady gaze, point out real life maniacs like Bin Laden and ask them to explain to me what -if anything – I’m going to see or hear in any work of fiction that will ever be scarier than real life. As a man of both compassion and faith, I’m unabashed in stating that I’m glad he’s dead. I feel not one iota of guilt over that declaration and neither should anyone else. He was a monster who made it his life’s mission to pose a threat to literally every person on Earth who didn’t fall into line with his psychotic fanaticism and we truly are better off without him.

    May your friend and everyone else lost on that horrific day finally rest in peace.