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Supporting Characters We Didn’t Want to See Die



We all hate to see our favorite characters die onscreen. It sucks. When you’ve completely invested in a character, only to see him offed minutes later, it tends to rustle the jimmies. Below you’re going to find five supporting characters who met their untimely demise, and left fans in genuine hissy fits!

Randy – Scream 2
This one broke my heart. As awesome as Neve Campbell was as Sidney, and as great as Stu and Billy were, they weren’t the show-stealer. That title went to Randy, the super-movie geek who knows all there is to know about horror. And that knowledge served him well, until he became the victim of a saddening and cheap death (it happens off screen) in Scream 2. How do you kill off the most charismatic character in the franchise?

Randy Scream 2

Parker – Alien
There were an assortment of strong, memorable characters in Ridley Scott’s landscape altering sci-fi/horror flick Alien, and while it didn’t bother me to see the passengers on the Nostromo dealt with in fatal fashion (okay, it was a little disconcerting), Parker should have remained an untouchable character in the film. Everybody loved this character! He’s big and burly, strong and sensitive, savvy – at all times – and he’s got a big enough personality and a big enough set of balls on him to stand by Ripley’s side at all costs… even death. Parker may not have been marketed as the movie’s greatest hero, but (as amazing as Ripley is) he most certainly was.

Parker Alien

Quint – Jaws
Have we ever seen a film character as colorful, brash, ballsy and determined as Quint? I think not. The man is the heart in the Jaws production, outshining both Richard Dreyfus and Roy Scheider as Hooper and Brody, respectively. Hell, you can make a case that this random tune-singing fisherman even steals some thunder from that massive shark. That says a lot about not just his performance, but his true-to-life demeanor; Robert Shaw looked like a man who didn’t take shit from anyone. This is a great film, all around, with everyone hitting homeruns. Everyone other than Robert Shaw, of course. That monster hit a grand slam, and then some!

Quint Jaws

Jacob Fuller – From Dusk Till Dawn
From Dusk Till Dawn will forever be remembered as one of the finest vampire films (with a western spin) history has seen created. It’s absolute lunacy from the get-go, and once inside The Titty Twister, the pedal hits the metal and there’s no turning back. But no matter how over-the-top the film is, or how heavy the humor is, it’s really the characters that we fall in love with. Even a few of the unsavory sort. Looking back on the film, it’s probably safe to say that there are a ton of you out there who damn near worshipped Jacob Fuller (Harvey Keitel). He was the wisdom in the group. He was the thinker, the rational and measured one. Jacob was the voice of reasoning. And he had such amazing lines… I’m still pissed off at Robert Rodriguez, Quentin Tarantino and Robert Kurtzman. You could have spared the man, dammit.

From Dusk Till Dawn

Mark Davis – Freddy vs. Jason
There’s no sense in fibbing: I absolutely adore everything about Freddy vs Jason. From the miserable acting, the awkward manner in which Krueger manipulates Voorhees, the grating teenage personalities that earn plenty of screen time – it’s all so terrible, yet somehow it all works for me, extremely well. The one single aspect that did and does to this day, piss me off, is the death of Mark Davis (the most polished performer in the film, sans Robert Englund), who is played by the genuinely underrated Brendan Fletcher. He was hands down the finest most endearing personality in the film… and fucking Freddy had to chop him all up during sick sequence in which Mark’s older brother – who committed suicide – torments his younger sibling.

Editor’s Note: Since the writing of this article, D.C. contributor Matt Molgaard has passed on. It’s an honor for us to share his final insights with you all. He will be sorely missed.

Freddy vs Jason

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Jordan Peele Is Open to the Idea of Get Out Sequel



Recently we shared the baffling news that this year, the Golden Globes were considering writer-director Jordan Peele’s psychological horror-thriller Get Out a comedy.

Hurm. While that bit of news still doesn’t make a bit of sense to me, today we have an update on Jordan Peele’s possible sequel Get Out 2. Which is always welcome.

Deadline was recently speaking with the filmmaker and Peele told them that although he still hasn’t cracked the sequel, if he comes up with a fresh spin he would have no problem revisiting the first film.

“I haven’t decided anything yet,” Peele told the site. “I am allowing the creative part to bubble up, and not force it. I know if a follow-up is meant to happen, it will. I’m open to figuring out what it is. But I also don’t want to let down the original and its fans. I simply would not do something like that for the cash.”

Good to hear!

I don’t know about you, but if Jordan Peele does decide to revisit the world of Get Out again in the future, I will be there. After reading these comments, I have faith the man will not return unless the story deserves it. Money be damned!

Unless… the sequel is called Sell Out… Ooohh. Snap. All jokes aside, in this world of sequels and remakes, it feels pretty damn good to hear a filmmaker talk this way.

What do you think of a Get Out sequel? Do you think the first film needs a continuation? Make sure to hit us up and let us know in the comments below or on social media!

You can buy Get Out on Blu-ray HERE.


Now that Chris (Daniel Kaluuya) and his girlfriend, Rose (Allison Williams), have reached the meet-the-parents milestone of dating, she invites him for a weekend getaway upstate with Missy and Dean. At first, Chris reads the family’s overly accommodating behavior as nervous attempts to deal with their daughter’s interracial relationship, but as the weekend progresses, a series of increasingly disturbing discoveries lead him to a truth that he never could have imagined.

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Joe Dante’s Matinee Starring John Goodman Blu-ray Special Features Announced!



One of my favorite childhood movies was director Joe Dante’s Matinee starring John Goodman. I watched the flick all the time and still make sure to give it a peep as often as I can. In fact, I just rewatched the movie last month. Still holds up too!

As I’ve grown up and watched more horror movies, I have come to call this film “Popcorn for the whole family.” And visa versa, have labeled Popcorn as“Matinee for the 80’s slasher crowd.” Both of these statements as completely apt by the way.

It is with this love of the film in mind that I wanted to make sure to pass along the news that Shout! Factory is planning to release Matinee on Collector’s Edition Blu-ray January 9th, 2018. And it is a beauty.

You can check out the full list of special features below along with the Collector’s Edition cover art. Then make sure to let us know what you think of Matinee below!

Matinee hits Collector’s Edition Blu-ray via Shout! Factory January 9th, 2018!



John Goodman is at his uproarious best as the William Castle-inspired movie promoter Lawrence Woolsey, who brings his unique brand of flashy showmanship to the unsuspecting residents of Key West, Florida.

It’s 1962, and fifteen-year-old fan Gene Loomis (Simone Fenton) can’t wait for the arrival of Woolsey, who is in town to promote his latest offering of atomic power gone berserk, Mant! But the absurd vision of Woolsey’s tale takes on a sudden urgency as the Cuban Missile Crises places the real threat of atomic horror just 90 miles off the coast. With the help of Woolsey’s leading lady, Ruth (Cathy Moriarty), the master showman gives Key West a premiere they’ll never forget. Anything can happen in the movies, and everything does in this hilarious tribute to a more innocent (and outrageous) time in American cinema.

Bonus Features:

NEW Master Of The Matinee – An Interview With Director Joe Dante

NEW The Leading Lady – An Interview with Cathy Moriarty

NEW MANTastic! The Making Of A Mant

NEW Out Of The Bunker – An Interview With Actress Lisa Jakub

NEW Making A Monster Theatre – An Interview With Production Designer Steven Legler

NEW The Monster Mix – An Interview With Editor Marshall Harvey

NEW Lights! Camera! Reunion! – An Interview With Director Of Photography John Hora

Paranoia In Ant Vision – Joe Dante Discusses The Making Of The Film

MANT! – The Full-Length Version Of The Film With Introduction By Joe Dante

Vintage Making-Of Featurette

Behind The Scenes Footage Courtesy Of Joe Dante

Deleted And Extended Scenes Sourced From Joe Dante’s Workprint

Still Galleries

Theatrical Trailer

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Exclusive: P.J. Starks Talks Volumes of Blood 3



One of our favorite low-budget horror anthologies here at Dread Central is producer P.J. Stark’s Volumes of Blood (review). If you haven’t seen the film, get on it asap.

The film’s sequel Volumes of Blood: Horror Stories (review) was also good horror times, and we would recommend that flick as much as – if not more – than the original.

It is with this in mind, all of us here at Dread Central are counting down the days until the release of the third (and final?) entry in the series, which is currently going by the killer title Devil’s Knight: Volumes of Blood 3.

While the new film is still in the scripting stages, we had a chance to speak with creator and producer P.J. Starks this weekend, and he dropped all types of new info on the film, including how many stories the new film will present, and what we can expect.

Mainly that Devil’s Knight: Volumes of Blood 3 may very well be the final chapter in the series, but a host of spin-offs are still very much a possibility.

You can read our quick interview with Starks below and then make sure to let us know what you think of the Volumes of Blood series in the comments below!

Dread Central: What can we expect from the third entry?

P.J. Starks: Eric and I want the third film to be everything fans of the first two films appreciate and more. The set pieces are larger, the stories are even stronger than in the previous two installments and the body count is probably the largest I know for any independent production. We wanted to really go out with a bang and I feel the script we’ve collaborated on will make good on that.

DC: How many stories will be included in this installment?

Starks: We’re going back to the basics with five stories. We’ve tossed around the idea of doing a sixth possible story, but nothing is set in stone. We don’t want to bog down audiences with too much. There’s a progressive story unfolding over two films already, so we’re being careful not to convolute things. We’re working hard to bring, what I’ve been calling the “Volumes of Blood Anthrillogy” to a smart and entertaining finale.

DC: Is it actually the final chapter?

Starks: Never say never. Right? We do have potential spin-offs planned. As for this being the nail in the coffin of an ongoing story arch, absolutely. I think that’s what separates our series from so many other anthologies. It’s not just a series of random shorts plucked off YouTube with some loose connective tissue. It’s a fun ride, but you still have to pay attention to details and follow the larger narrative developing. Wrap around segments tend to be throw away material, but that was never the intention on VOB.

Nice! Again we are all looking forward to the third entry in the VOB series and any spin-offs that may occur. The possibilities are f*cking endless. Bring ’em on!

Until we have further info on just when Devil’s Night: Volumes of Blood 3 will hit, you can always buy the first two Volumes of Blood flicks on Blu-ray HERE and HERE.

Thanks for chatting with us, P.J.!

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