Rest in Peace: Dread Central Contributor Matt Molgaard


A week or so ago prolific journalist and long-time Dread Central contributor Matt Molgaard suffered a stroke which left him fighting for his life and in a coma. It’s with a truly heavy heart we report that after fighting like hell, Matt passed on yesterday, September 2nd, at the all too young age of just 36.

Matt was not only a great and sometimes controversial writer, he was also a father and a truly loyal friend to those who knew him. As a journalist in both the horror genre and the field of MMA, he had that special knack, whether you agreed with him or not, to get people talking. He was always there when we needed him here at Dread Central, and to say that he will be missed is a gross understatement.

We are lucky enough to have a bit of a backlog of articles Matt penned for us, and we will be sharing them sometime in the near future. Knowing Matt, we think he’d get a real kick out of the fact that new work of his was being shared from beyond the grave. The dude had an incredible sense of humor, and we’re honored to have more of Matt’s writing locked and loaded for publication.

A GoFundMe page page was set up during Matt’s hospital stay, and all of the money raised will be going to cover funeral expenses and of course, if there’s any left over, straight to his wife and children.

Our deepest condolences go out to Matt’s friends and family. Thank you, sir, for all that you’ve done for us. All the memories. And on a personal note from me, thanks for all the laughs. It’s been a privilege to share the same space as you. Your work will continue to live on through this site and many others.

With love, honor, and respect… Godspeed.

Matt Molgaard



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