The I Am Legend Creatures You DIDN’T See

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I Am LegendYep, prepare to be annoyed. Before we get to that, though, you may be wondering why we’re covering the Will Smith flick I Am Legend years after its release. Believe me we’re just as shocked. Still, something really cool has surfaced online that should not be ignored.

I Am Legend was a sketchy at best loose adaptation of the Richard Matheson masterwork of the same name about a lone surviving man left to fend for himself against legions of vampyric creatures.

One devastating strike the film had going against it was the horrid CGI monsters. Yeah. They were that bad. It didn’t have to be that way though. As you’ll see from the video below, special effects artist Steve Johnson had created some really bitching looking physical creatures for the movie that unfortunately were thrown completely out into the trash in favor of their cartoonish looking cousins.

To coin a phrase made famous by thespian supreme Will Smith …

“Oh HELL naw!”

Thanks, Hollywood. It’s always nice to see how badly the pooch got screwed. Yay.

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