Ahh!! Zombii Attack To Infect WiiWare

Zombii Attack is an upcoming arcade survival game from Gamers Digital that offers fans a new level of addictive gameplay and, in a twist, is made exclusively for WiiWare.

In Zombii Attack you are a survivor armed with a slingshot trying to survive in a city that’s pretty much beat to hell and overrun by zombies. Using your Wii-mote, you’ll load and fire a slingshot with things like anvils, tires, the undead and z-bombs (touted as highly experimental and highly explosive) to take out other zombies AND their secret hideouts.

You fight fire with fire … or zombie with zombie … whatever, you know what I mean.

Remember the five things every survivor should know:

  • Improvise! – Use explosives and debris (INCLUDING other zombies) to destroy the zombies and their hideouts
  • Get PAID! – Earn money killing zombs
  • RELOADING! – NEVER forget to stock up with armor and improve your slingshot; and NEVER show the zombies OR their secret hideouts any mercy.
  • Find a cure! – Dr Zii needs a certain type of zombie in order to create a cure. It’s YOUR job to find it.
  • Fortify! Fortify! Fortify! – You can upgrade your defense barrier to keep the uglies out and repair when they break it.

    Gamers Digital wants players to have a great time, so they’ve utilized the Unity game engine to create 18 ever increasingly difficult levels of zombie madness to get through! FUN!

    If you or anyone you know plays Zombii Attack please take every precaution to not have fun, avoid enjoyment and please stifle all laughter in order to prevent further spread of the infection. Please, be very careful when playing Zombii Attack,” said Gamers Digital CEO Scott Zerby.

    Okay, so Left 4 Dead or Dead Rising it AIN’T, but I think that’s kinda the point. Kids tend to scream a lot less and have less nightmares if they’re using zombies as projectiles and not a ugly as balls zombi in the kid’s face going ‘RRRRRRRRROOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWR!!!” like in L4D. And let’s face it: if the kid can’t sleep, NEITHER WILL YOU.

    This title seems like the ‘happy medium‘ to that dilemma…could also be useful if you’re trying to ease your kid into the horror genre (but you DIDN’T hear that from me).

    Zombii Attack is rated E+10, which means the whole family can get in on the fun all for the sum of 500 Wii points. No word on a release date but it’s slated to come out sometime this year.

    For more info, hit up Gamers Digital online.

    Launch or lunch, it’s up to you.

    Ahh!! Zombii Attack To Infect WiiWare

    Ahh!! Zombii Attack To Infect WiiWare

    Ahh!! Zombii Attack To Infect WiiWare

    Ahh!! Zombii Attack To Infect WiiWare

    Ahh!! Zombii Attack To Infect WiiWare

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  • CrixLee

    • Uncle Creepy

      Well now. That looks thoroughly asstastic.

      • Vanvance1

        Dude, it’s a Wii game. Wii gamers expect lousy graphics and rudimentary game play. Remember that this is the FAMILY (of wusses) system.