Indie Horror Month: Drew Daywalt’s Top Five Classic Independent Horror Films

Writer/director Drew Daywalt is no stranger to the independent horror world. In fact, a few of his projects have already shown up on other filmmakers’ lists, and during some Indie Horror Month interviews that will be running later this month, his name pops up frequently.

So when it came time to reach out to filmmakers for this week’s series of lists, we knew he needed to be a part of our celebration of the independent horror filmmaking spirit.

Daywalt is currently busy working on a new series for MTV called “Death Valley” but was kind enough to give us a quick list of some of his favorite indie genre gems when he had some downtime recently.

Indie Horror Month: Drew Daywalt's Top Five Classic Independent Horror Films

According to Daywalt, “These are my five indie horror films you need to see before you die. They’re oldies, but that’s my specialty, so I’ll hang my hat on that. My five films span 40 years of early horror filmmaking and mark the independent spirit that has spurred on horror directors since horror cinema was born in 1896. They range from obscure Swedish high cinema to Roger Corman’s cheapest, most eloquent best. All were done outside the studio system, outside mainstream, had an excellent script, and each captured the horror spirit of its time.”

1. THE PHANTOM CARRIAGE 1921 – Victor Sjöström, director
2. I WALKED WITH A ZOMBIE 1943 – Jacques Tourneur, director
3. STRANGLER OF THE SWAMP 1946 – Frank Wisbar, director
4. NIGHT OF THE DEMON (aka CURSE OF THE DEMON) 1957 – Jacques Tourneur, director
5. A BUCKET OF BLOOD 1959 – Roger Corman, director

Indie Horror Month: Drew Daywalt's Top Five Classic Independent Horror Films

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