Indie Horror Month: Joshua Hull’s Five Favorite Independent Horror Films

Writer/director Joshua Hull is quickly making a name for himself within the horror genre in a very short time. His first feature, the zombie comedy Beverly Lane, debuted this past October to sell-out crowds and he’s currently gearing up for his next project Idiot Gore, which is set to start filming soon. Hull, who decided to use an unprecedented approach to his latest project by letting fans compete to create his killer, is keeping that collaborative spirit alive and will be filming scenes from Idiot Gore during the upcoming Days of the Dead convention.

Check out Hull’s five favorite indie genre projects below!

1. SCALENE (Directed by Zack Parker)
Zack is good friend and I was lucky enough to attend the private screening of Scalene a few weeks back. It’s not a horror film, it’s a perceptual thriller starring Margo Martindale, Hannah Hall and Adam Scarimbolo. I had chills watching this film as it reminded me of Stanley Kubrick and Alfred Hitchcock with shades of Gaspar Noe. Brilliant stuff here!

2. I LOVE SARAH JANE (Directed By Spencer Susser)
I watched this short a few years back and thought it was incredible! It’s such a gritty, beautiful zombie short. It’s so good and I always hoped Spencer Susser would make it into a feature, so it’s pretty cool that it’s finally going to happen. If I ever make another zombie film, it will be something gritty like this! I’m not gonna lie, it’s also fun to watch “Alice” from Burton’s Wonderland cuss like a sailor and own zombies.

3. MY BLOODY WEDDING (Directed by Morgan Mead)
I’ve met Morgan a few times and the guy is hilarious! We made Beverly Lane a few months after My Bloody Wedding wrapped so we were very familiar with the film. Whenever I would say “I did the zombie comedy” people would interrupt and say “Ahh the one with the wedding!!” I wanted to say yes but I’d always say “Nope, the one in the office!” then they would scurry away like I killed their dog. I picked up a copy and laughed my ass off! A robot, a lucha libre, hilarious infomercials and a great cast make this a must see!

4. TREEVENGE (Directed by Jason Eisener)
Some people spend every Christmas watching miracles happen on 34th street . I spend every Christmas watching trees kill people. Jason Eisener (writer/director of the soon to be released film festival sensation Hobo With a Shotgun) brings Christmas trees to life in this short film so they can get revenge on all sorts of people in all sorts of ways. It’s hilarious, it’s creative and now it’s tradition. Get some Treevenge in your life!

BRUTAL MASSACRE: A COMEDY (Directed by Stevan Mena)
I just watched this and it’s mind blowing how real this film is! Mena captures how low budget horror is looked at perfectly. He also captures how the director sees it and what the struggle of putting a movie together is like. Currently being in pre-production on Idiot Gore and watching this, the film became an instant favorite. The bit with the house and the convention stuff is something we’ve experienced already or about too. Very funny and a must see if you are an indie horror filmmaker.

Indie Horror Month: Indie Horror Month: Joshua Hull's Five Favorite Independent Horror Films

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