Who Wrote the Scripts for Supernatural’s Two-Part Season Six Finale?

Good ol’ Twitter has provided us some intel on one of our favorite TV shows, “Supernatural”, as far as who’s writing the two-part (but airing on one night) Season Six finale. Read on for the details straight from series co-star Jim Beaver (“Bobby Singer”) directly.

SupernaturalHere’s what Beaver (@jumblejim) tweeted:

Between Sera Gamble’s penultimate script & Eric Kripke’s script for the season finale, SPN is going to blow minds. Didn’t see this coming.

Sweet! Nice to see Kripke being hands-on with the show again, even if it is just briefly.

In addition, with regard to a potential Season Seven, Beaver added:

Everybody who works on SPN is ready & willing to do a 7th season. We just don’t know yet. Waiting on the CW to decide.

Look for the season finale on Friday, May 20th, and for more visit “Supernatural” on The CW. In the meantime here’s another look at the combo teaser trailer for Episodes 17, “My Heart Will Go On”, and 18, “Frontierland” (the much anticipated Western themed installment), airing April 15th and 22nd, respectively.

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