Teaser Trailer, Stills, and Two Clips from The Burningmoore Incident

Jonathan Williams of Fires at Midnight Films dropped us a line today to let us know that a teaser trailer, some stills, and two clips from his upcoming found footage film The Burningmoore Incident starring Geoff Tate of Queensryche are now available, and of course we have them right here for your viewing pleasure!

On the night of December 22, 2005, the screams of a child sounded out over the line of a New York 911 operator. Not knowing if the call was real or a prank, officers were dispatched to the residence on Long Island, New York, where the call originated from. Upon arrival police made a gruesome discovery… Anne Parrish and her three sons brutally murdered. Husband and father James Parrish was presumably not at home at the time.

Over the next few days several unsuccessful attempts were made to locate Mr. Parrish for questioning, and he was declared missing. At first detectives considered the possibility that Mr. Parrish might also have fallen victim to foul play. However, upon further investigation and DNA testing, he became the prime suspect in the killings.

Weeks turned into months, and authorities found the hunt for Parrish fast becoming a futile exercise. Law enforcement agencies nationwide were placed on alert, and a plea for the public’s assistance was issued in helping to apprehend Parrish. But as time passed with no leads, the investigation was eventually deemed a ‘cold case.’ Investigators could only hope that the family slayings would prove to be an isolated incident, but those hopes were dashed.

On Monday, March 8, 2010, more than four years after the brutal slayings, an abandoned house in Bayside Queens would be the site of another tragedy. A construction team from Cole Contracting of New York were being videotaped by multiple cameras on their first day of what was to be a home makeover reality show. By sundown the house became a killing ground at the hands of a brutal and deranged killer.

With over one hundred hours of footage taken from the multiple cameras set up throughout the house, investigators were able to collect what they believe as indisputable evidence that confirms Parrish as the killer.

Although no motive has been established for the recent Bayside killings, psychiatrist Charles Loftus, states, “I have studied all of the footage as well as the evidence taken from the home, and based on the severe brutality of the acts, it is obvious that the perpetrator wanted his victims to suffer, which is not usually indicative of random acts of violence. This is a very disturbed and dangerous individual.”

Along with Tate, the film stars Jen Weissenberg, Joseph Pallister, and Gabriela Hersham. Williams co-wrote the screenplay with J. Andrew Colletti and describes his motivation for the film as follows: “Before directing, I had a 20-year career in television production and am currently working on the series ‘Disorder in the Court’ for TruTv. Working on a series based around real crime footage, coupled with being a fan of investigative TV shows, the subject matter for The Burningmoore Incident was something I wanted to delve into.

“As a movie buff, I love most genres, especially horror. But, however scary the supernatural is, or a figure from your dreams with knives as fingers may be, I find nothing more chilling than a seemingly upstanding person unleashing unholy hell on someone else out of nowhere.

“The Burningmoore Incident utilizes an investigative journalism style coupled with the ‘found footage’ approach to filmmaking. It takes a close look into James Parrish, a man capable of truly horrific acts. He’s not a mask wearing, exotic weapon using, trap building killer. He’s a guy you could pass on the street and may not give a second glance to. I doubt I am going to see a man in a fedora and knife claws or someone wearing skin on their face wielding a chainsaw wandering around Manhattan (or at least I hope not 😉 ), but James Parrish is different…he is one of the countless others like him, moving silently among the millions of people walking our streets every day.

“Just recently I was on my way to the office when I saw a man dressed exactly how James Parrish was dressed during the Bayside massacre segment of the film – black pants and jacket, gray hood – and I found myself doing a double take. For that fleeting moment it was pretty freaky. It can be truly frightening to think that these people are out there and you’ll never know it until it’s too late.”

Check out the goods below (the first clip is Long Island detective Bruce Hallenbach’s recollection of the December, 2005 discovery of the murdered Parrish family, and the second is a compilation of amateur shot footage of the night of the “Incident”). For more visit the official The Burningmoore Incident website (where you’ll find more photos), “like” The Burningmoore Incident on Facebook, and follow The Burningmoore Incident on Twitter.

Teaser Trailer, Stills, and Two Clips from The Burningmoore Incident

Teaser Trailer, Stills, and Two Clips from The Burningmoore Incident

Teaser Trailer, Stills, and Two Clips from The Burningmoore Incident

Teaser Trailer, Stills, and Two Clips from The Burningmoore Incident

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