Infection 2 to Commence Production in Late March

One of the earliest (and best) cinéma-vérité films to cross our desks was Albert Pyun’s 2005 one-take wonder Infection, which was renamed Invasion (review here) for its DVD release, so you can bet our ears perked up today when we learned a sequel is on its way!

Invasion DVDHere’s what director Pyun told us, “We begin shooting Infection (aka Invasion) 2 in Nevada on March 28. The original cast is back (Jenny Dare Paulin, Norbert Weisser, Scott Paulin, Morgan Weisser, Alan Abelew) to continue the struggle against the spread of infection.”

Pyun adds that additional casting is being done by Norbert Weisser and includes a much bigger cast and much more action and creatures than the original film.

He continues, “Again, it will be a single unedited shot that will follow the infection into a small town. It will be set in the time period between 1:40 AM (when the first film ended) and 3:00 AM. The continuation begins immediately after the first infection ended, and the one shot will be an 80-minute continuous 3D shot. We’ll discover that the infection has something to do with Area 51 and the aliens held captive there since the late 40’s. In fact, we will be shooting near the actual Area 51 in Amargosa Valley, Nevada – the last service for travelers before Area 51.”

Cynthia Curnan is scripting once again and will be producing along with Sazzy Calhoun. The executive producers are Tony Riparetti, Norbert Weisser, and Paul Rosenblum; and the film is being produced by Curnan’s CMPS production company based in Henderson, Nevada. Sound design and music will be done by the same composer and sound designer from the original Infection – Tony Riparetti and his Sound Logic Studio in Santa Barbara.

Pyun and Curnan intend to screen Infection 2 for the first time at the Cannes Film Market, which runs from May 11-20, 2011.

Look for more soon, and in the meantime be sure to keep tabs on Albert Pyun via Facebook, Twitter, and of course MySpace.

Debi Moore

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