Horrorwood Babbles On: Forrest J Ackerman’s Imprint Still in Print!

Uncle Forry has been very active this month. In a New Yorker Magazine article by Daniel Zalewski, Monster-kid and maestro Guillermo Del Toro evokes Forry’s spirit and credits him as a big influence for him and other genre filmmakers. The Pan’s Labyrinth and Hellboy director has amassed a remarkable memorabilia collection of his own.

Make sure to follow this link to the article: Show The Monster – Guillermo del Toro’s Quest to get Amazing Monsters Onscreen. I thanked GDT for bringing Forry back to us for a time in the article. His one-word e-mail response? “Yeah!” That says it all. Yeah!

Horrorwood Babbles On: Forrest J Ackerman's Imprint Still in Print!
“Tor Johnson, Forry Ackerman and Verne Langdon way back when …

Note: A big, “Hope You’re All Better” to Peter Jackson who reportedly had a recent hospital stay for stomach issues. We’re all wishing you’re 100% better by now. A fond farewell to two of Forry’s favorite femmes, Ingrid Pitt and Tura Satana. Both of these women were most gracious, kind and affectionate to our Uncle 4e on every treasured meeting and at every event they shared. Hope your dreams are as sweet as the ones you’ve given all of us over the years. A special “so long” to Verne Langdon. Verne was not only a close friend to Forry, but also a role model for many of us growing up and seeing him in the pages of FM. Back in the day, Verne represented the younger generation of monster fan. Multi-talented and working at Don Post Studios or at the Universal Studios makeup demo in the 70’s. He was also an accomplished musician, clown, wrestler and magician. Verne served as a source of inspiration to many of us hoping to join the ranks of the Hollywood monstermakers. You can read more about Verne on his website.

Horrorwood Babbles On: Forrest J Ackerman's Imprint Still in Print!
“Happy 100th, Vincent! You’re Priceless!

Meanwhile, Forrest J Ackerman’s most notorious (way)off-spring, Famous Monsters of Filmland magazine continues to morph and growl! In life Forry dreamt of a museum to house his collection of Sci-Fi, Fantasy and Horror memorabilia. That dream was shattered when his collection was scattered to the four corners of the globe when 4e left us. But Forry’s other dream of Famous Monsters mag going on and on into the future has not been vanquished. Most are aware that the mag has been revived and reinvigorated in the past years with new issues coming hard and fast, as we speak. But what of a nostalgic mag that may have started it all, but now could be viewed as antique? What shape must such a magazine take today to satisfy a contemporary audience? Well, Phil Kim and his faithful crew have set about answering that question – with a question: “What shape do YOU want FM to be?” Aha! We can have our snake and eat it too! This wisdom seems to be keeping FM “classic horror” for the mold-timers while making FM relevant to a new generation of Monster-Grandsquids. Nobody said this must be accomplished under one cover! Enter Famous Monsters Underground. The press release announcing the arrival of FM’s precocious sibling says;

It’s finally time to pull off the hockey mask and give readers their first look at Famous Monsters Underground, the new bi-monthly horror and counter-culture magazine from Famous Monsters of Filmland. Since the debut issue of Famous Monsters Underground will feature a tribute to ’80s horror, what better way to mark the occasion than with an epic cover of the decade’s most notorious movie icons? Our hand-painted cover by illustrator Marcus Parcus rounds up the guys who were just a little too handy with chainsaws and butcher knives. And since the ’80s marked a far-reaching renaissance of the fright scene, we’ve buried a few Easter eggs for our more perceptive readers.

Horrorwood Babbles On: Forrest J Ackerman's Imprint Still in Print!
“Some old faces new to the pages of FM Underground!

Famous Monsters Underground #1 is a celebration of all that was good about the 80’s — creepy camp-outs, imperiled babysitters, and nightmares made flesh. We chat with film legend John Carpenter about his classic horror flicks and his return to the director’s chair; chronicle the rise of shock rock; and pick Tom Savini’s brain about the ’80s FX make-up revolution. We sit down for an in-depth interview with legendary exploitation auteur Frank Henenlotter, talk vampires and remakes with Fright Night and Child’s Play writer/director Tom Holland, and go behind the scenes of the 1981 cult classic, The Burning. The debut issue also features exclusive contemporary content, including a revealing talk with Jack Ketchum about his new book and film The Woman, a profile of artist and tattoo legend Bob Tyrrell, a guide to the best genre sites on the internet, and much more.”

Horrorwood Babbles On: Forrest J Ackerman's Imprint Still in Print!
“FM retro issue #70! Ah, the horrors of rush hour in an NYC chariot!

But FM is not only pushing the evil-ope forward, they’re taking a trip back in time to bring you the “lost” Famous Monsters of Filmland #70. This retro-issue will finally be unleashed in comic shops and online, edited by me, Joe Moe, your Monster-cuz, issue 70 takes us back to 1970 to gawk at the aptly nicknamed Arnold Strong (Arnold Schwarzenegger) in Hercules in New York! Godzilla attempts to Destroy All Monsters! We’ll celebrate the 35th Anniversary of The Bride of Frankenstein, talk about monster movies and the elusive Oscar(e)s plus feature traditional Famous Monsters mayhem like ‘Girls & Ghouls’, ‘The Graveyard Examiner’, and ‘Mystery Photo! Basically, a real nostalgic, fun-filled, old-time pulpy MONSTER MAG!

So, that’s it for now. Hope you’ll continue to post and inform all of fandom about the phantasmagorical comings and goings of our ill-liustrious leader. Three years after his passing, it’s even more abundantly clear … FORREST J ACKERMAN SHALL NOT DIE!

Horrorwood Babbles On: Forrest J Ackerman's Imprint Still in Print!
“FrankenForry Unbound (and still around)

Joe Moe

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