DVD and Blu-Ray Releases: February 15th – Cthulhu Caught in Twilight Zone

Not a very busy week for horror releases on Blu-ray and DVD. At least The Twilight Zone: Season 3 is here to keep us busy for hours before we dig on the DVD premiere of The Last Lovecraft: Relic of Cthulhu directed by Henry Saine and starring Kyle Davis, Devin McGinn, Matt Bauer.

In addition, Peter A. Dowling’s Stag Night (starring Breckin Meyer, Scott Adkins, Kip Pardue, Karl Geary) and David A. Cross’s Respire (starring Tracy Teague, Mat Wright, Vince Eustace, Jessica Keeler, Ellie Torrez) round up the offerings this week.

The Twilight Zone: Season 3 (1962) on DVDThe Twilight Zone: Season 3 (1962) (Blu-ray REVIEW)
Directed by Various
Starring Rod Serling, Bill Mumy, Lois Nettleton, William Windom, Leonard Nimoy, Robert Cornthwaite, Cliff Robertson, Lee Marvin, James Best, Strother Martin, Russell Johnson, Cloris Leachman, Peter Falk, Robert Redford, Elizabeth Montgomery, Charles Bronson, Jack Albertson, James Gregory, Jack Klugman, Buster Keaton, Dean Stockwell, Barry Morse, Andy Devine, Phyllis Thaxter, Donald Pleasence, and many more

Season 3 is finally here, and with it come some truly amazing episodes that run the gamut from a tip of the hat to the silent movies of yesteryear to recapturing the wonders of youth to eventually finding out that you’re officially on the menu for the Kanamits, thus giving birth to many twist endings to come. In fact, there’s so much goodness on tap here it’s hard to even know where to begin to recommend some select episodes. Then again that’s the beauty of “The Twilight Zone”; there’s literally something for everyone. Is it possible to not get a little teary watching “Kick the Can” in which old folks find themselves young again by just letting go and having some fun? Can you possibly restrain yourself from standing and shouting to anyone who will listen that “IT’S A COOKBOOK!!!! Just you try and stop yourself. Bizarre, frightening, heartwarming, and altogether strange, Season 3 of “The Twilight Zone” delivers on all counts.

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The Last Lovecraft: Relic of Cthulhu on DVDThe Last Lovecraft: Relic of Cthulhu
Directed by Henry Saine
Starring Kyle Davis, Devin McGinn, Matt Bauer

Jeff, a down on his luck office worker, finds out he is the last living relative of horror novelist H.P. Lovecraft. What he doesn’t know is that Lovecraft’s monsters are real and will soon threaten the very existence of mankind. Jeff and his best friend, Charlie, are forced to embark on a perilous adventure; and they enlist the help of high school acquaintance, Paul, a self-proclaimed Lovecraft specialist. Together the three unlikely heroes must protect an alien relic and prevent the release of an ancient evil, known as Cthulhu. Watch the DVD Trailer. Check out our coverage of their LA Premiere and Cast & Crew Q&A.

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Stag Night on DVDStag Night (Blu-ray REVIEW)
Directed by Peter A. Dowling
Starring Breckin Meyer, Scott Adkins, Kip Pardue, Karl Geary

Four men out on a Stag Night in New York prematurely exit an underground train after the soon-to-be best man begins to hassle two women. Trapped at a deserted station, these six adults become the target of a gruesome manhunt when a secret gang of cannibal dwellers living in the tunnels discovers them. Tensions will rise as they fight to make it through the night with all their limbs attached. Read our Interview with Peter Dowling.

Buy the Blu-ray or the regular DVD.

Respire on DVDRespire
Directed by David A. Cross
Starring Tracy Teague, Mat Wright, Vince Eustace, Jessica Keeler, Ellie Torrez

A novelty shop owner suffering a terminal disease comes across a vial whose contents save her life. They also, however, give her violent flashbacks to the vial’s creator: a scientist who tried to harness the aforementioned powers and discovered too late that inhaling the last breaths of his Death Row prisoner test subjects passed on their violent impulses.

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