A Third Battle of Los Angeles Movie Emerges

Over a million people allegedly witnessed a UFO in the skies over Los Angeles in 1942. This incident is referenced in both Battle: Los Angeles and the Asylum mockbuster Battle of Los Angeles. Now a third such film has emerged, THE Battle of Los Angeles, and this one purports to tell the true story of the 1942 incident.

Okay, so The Asylum has Battle of Los Angeles, and now filmmaker and UFO researcher Jose Escamilla is bringing us the documentary The Battle of Los Angeles. With such similar titles, I’m kind of tempted to take a page from Watchmen and ask “Who’s mocking the mockbusters?”

On February 25, 1942, only eleven weeks after the unforgettable attack on Pearl Harbor, an unidentified aircraft appeared in the sky above Culver City, California. Just before 2:30 a.m., military personnel launched an assault on the hovering object, firing more than 14,000 rounds of anti-aircraft artillery into the air. The onslaught was witnessed by more than one million people.

After more than 90 minutes of battle, the unscathed craft simply disappeared over the Pacific Ocean. It was never seen again, and this event was destined to become forgotten history…until now.

Join the remaining eyewitnesses as they recount their experiences, complete with dramatic recreations, photographs, and documentation of that mystifying night. Witness a new form of documentary filmmaking, from the mind of Jose Escamilla. You deserve to know the truth.

Below are two teaser trailers for The Battle of Los Angeles, which is still in production and which you can help contribute to the production of. More details on both of those fronts can be found at The Battle of Los Angeles‘ official website.

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