Robert Englund Discusses Freddy vs Jason vs Ash

At the beginning of March, Seattle, WA held their 15th annual Emerald City Comic Con (ECCC), which brought tens of thousands of people from all over to celebrate all things nerdy, from gaming to film to television to comic books, along with everything in between!

One of the attendees at the event was none other than Robert Englund, the man behind Freddy Krueger! During a near-hourlong panel, Englund discussed several different Nightmare on Elm Street related topics, including how Johnny Depp helped create Freddy’s voice. However, the gem here was Englund discussing the rumored Freddy vs Jason vs Ash title, which would’ve been a direct sequel to 2003’s Freddy vs Jason.

Talking about the project, Englund made it very clear that he would’ve wanted Ash to win, which was the desire of Sam Raimi. However, studios balked at the idea, especially since Freddy, as Englund puts it, “…just got his ass kicked by Jason.” But Englund’s retort was simply, “Wait a minute, you guys. You revived me…you resurrected me with dog urine! It’s really easy to bring Freddy back. C’mon, that’s not that hard to do it right.

Englund then describes a poster that he would’ve loved to see, which featured Bruce Campbell looking like a soldier from 300 with Freddy and Jason under each arm. The title would’ve then read, “Freddy vs Jason vs Ash…Keeping the world safe from sequels!

Alas, the only time those three iconic horror names have crossed paths was in a six-issue miniseries published by Wildstorm and Dynamite Entertainment. It was written by James Kuhoric.

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