Editorial: Haberman’s Maniacal Musings – The Most EPIC Poster Ever

Hello people. I come bearing a gift. If you’ve seen it, enjoy revisiting. If you haven’t, prepare to be as spellbound as I have been this afternoon. I present to you one of the most extraordinarily epic works of film art I’ve ever seen.

From 1977 came: THE WHITE BUFFALO!

Had no idea this film existed. None. JUST found this by accident while searching for something else, and now my life has taken a dramatic turn. When something like this hits you, a freakish tornado of emotions can begin to rock the ribcage. Do you seek out the film immediately to celebrate your discovery, or do you let your imagination send your soul on an awesome journey of what must be unparalleled and unbridled cinematic ecstasy?

I think I’m gonna simmer in the frothy broth of expectation for a few months. I’ll look at this artwork each day until around May or so, then I’ll attempt to find the thing. Film Foreplay.

A quick Google gander shows the film available on DVD from Blockbuster’s website, while some sketchy looking offerings can be found on Amazon. The ratings I’ve seen are all over the map, so who knows just what we’re dealing with here. All I know for now are these two truths: Christmas came late for Chris, and my grandkids will someday inherit my framed poster of this.

Dig it!

Editorial: Haberman's Maniacal Musings - The Most EPIC Poster Ever


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  • Vanvance1

    It’s Charles Bronson and I just saw it again recently. I quite liked it and it does feel more than a little like a monster movie. And hell, it has Charles Bronson the 2nd best tough guy ever in it (Clint is 1st despite his current pacifistic trend).

  • Terminal

    I’m confused, IS this an editorial? It says it is, but all I see are two short paragraphs of “Look at this awesome poster! Cool, huh?!” for an adventure movie. I’m just curious. Is this a peek at an upcoming editorial? And from what I’ve read it’s a wilderness adventure film and not horror. Again, I’m just curious.
    “We are bad guys. That means we’ve got more to do other than bullying companies. It’s fun to lead a bad man’s life.”

  • Minion

    Seen it. Not really a horror film but still an entertainingly cheesy ride.