Editorial: Haberman’s Maniacal Musings – Slashers and Screams

While I’m prepping some serious After Dark interviews for you folks, I wanted to address two things. Just two things. Bear with me with these two things. Journalism? I dunno. A bit bloggy? Sure. Okay – here we go.


The trailers are showin’ up and notions are being built. Not only do I have a fascination with Part 4’s in any franchise, but I also adore Ghostface. Don’t care who’s behind the mask … don’t care if the plot device works. I want my Ghostface calling with that voice and running around like a blindfolded marathon runner. Not saying I turn my brain off during the entirety of these films – they can be clever and worthy of attention, especially for fans, film fans, fans of film criticism and fans of fan-film-criticism. As a composite of all of the above, I’m sick of hearing about Wes Craven’s recent moves. We know. So as such, here’s to Scre4m and the Ghostface we’re all hoping for: equal parts Prick on the Phone and Bull in a China Shop, with that twist of sweet blood orange I’m hoping Williamson, Craven and o.g. cast members can provide on the sidelines***.

While we’re humping the slasher subject, I’ve come across this cover art plenty of times before, but only got the giggles looking at it today. Granted I had the giggles beforehand. If you would like to go get the giggles yourself before this examination, I recommend it.

Take five to gather your giggles.

Editorial: Haberman's Maniacal Musings - Slashers and Screams

Did you do it? Get the giggles? Need help? Here’s this then:

Yeah! Now look at that VHS cover again. I’m pretty sure that’s a UK VHS version of the film. Nevertheless, let’s take a moment to adore the frank advertising: “THE BURNING where they burn, burn, BURN. From the makers of movies that burn, burn, BURN. IF YOU LIKE MOVIES … where people buuuurrrrn … then you’ll LOVE … The BURNING … where they burn, Burn, BURN!!!” Buy the ticket, take the ride, eh? I mean … c’mon – “It’s BURN! Feeeel THE BURN!! ‘I’m burning!’ Of course you are, darling … It’s time for BURN!”

Let us cherish those video covers that explored exactly what their titles implied – technology and geography be damned:

Editorial: Haberman's Maniacal Musings - Slashers and Screams

Be back soon with lotsa news.

Happy New Year!

***Those who despise the Scream series and what they stand for would do well to look up Stephen Thrower’s Pre-Postmodern Slasher Seeks Ironic Teen for ‘Meaningful’ Termination. Come back to board to talk smack after that.


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