Idiot Gore Finds Its Killer: Sadie Grace is Ready for Her Close-Up!

Back in November Dread Central told you about an innovative “Create Your Own Killer” contest being held by writer/director Joshua Hull (Beverly Lane) for his upcoming horror comedy Idiot Gore. Well, after sifting through the numerous submissions from the last month and a half, Hull has found his serial killer for the flick courtesy of horror fan Bob Bower of Palm Harbor, Florida.

The killer that slayed the competition? Sadie Grace.

Hull and Bower are playing this one close to the chest, horror fans, so the artwork for Sadie isn’t being released yet (the best way I’d describe her is that she reminds me of the kind of girl Pennywise would settle down with if he lived in a trailer park), but Hull did confirm he’s already secured the woman who’ll bring Sadie to life: none other than bigger-than-life actress Babette Bombshell (Not Another B Movie).

This character embodies exactly the type of monstrousness that I look for in roles. It is a very exciting project on all levels,” Bombshell said.

With Bombshell on board, Hull and Bower spoke about the inspiration behind Sadie and why she stood out above the rest of the submissions. Bower said the idea for Sadie was one he had brewing for a while.

When I heard of the contest, I thought, what if the psycho killer was a big chick – a farm girl who is partial to pigs and has been teased all her life by everyone. Her mom was dead, dad was an abusive drunk, her brothers were mercilessly mean (they also sold her for sex) and outsiders turned their faces when they saw her. So here’s a STRONG ugly woman who wants to be told that she’s pretty. She uses a carnival mask and fantasizes about romance. Only her brothers tease her so much, she grabs a hatchet and…ends them. So she begins a quest for a husband, and if they don’t like her and don’t think she’s pretty, well she knows how to dispose of them!”

Hull said one of the reasons Bower’s concept was chosen was its refreshing approach to slashers and its ability to give fans a new type of anti-hero to root for.

When we launched the ‘Create Your Killer Concept’ contest for Idiot Gore, there was no telling what would come our way. Some great submissions were entered and would be great in traditional slasher films, but something we were really looking for was a concept that would mold well with the mix of slasher film and a comedy. We were blown away by all the entries, but when Bob’s submission came in, it was clear that this was our killer for Idiot Gore,” Hull said.

The writer/director went on to discuss why it was so important to do something different with Idiot Gore. “I love the slasher genre, but I also feel unless you have something slightly new to bring to it, you shouldn’t do it. If it hasn’t been seen, go for it. Bob’s concept is something I have never seen in a slasher film; honestly, it’s something I’ve never seen in any film. There are of course touches of Sadie here and there but nothing quite like her. I wanted to put the slasher genre on its head and have a big, scary woman chasing a bunch of guys down, which is something slightly new. There is this excitement with the cast and crew about bringing Sadie to life, especially with Babette on board. It’s going to be something special that first day on set when Sadie shows up.”

Idiot Gore follows a failing reality show host and his rag-tag crew, who get more than they bargained for when they agree to help a young “Laurie Strode” like character being pursued by a masked psychopath.

Jim O’Rear, Shawn C. Phillips, Jim Dougherty, Raymond Kester, Noah East, Morgan Shepard, Ronald Short and Pat Hardy are all also attached to the project.

Look for more on Idiot Gore soon!

Idiot Gore Finds Its Killer: Sadie Grace is Ready for Her Close-Up!

Heather Wixson

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