Catholic Cheerleaders for Satan Rear Their Heads Online

Looking for a free dose of horror and exploitation while you surf the Internet? Look no further as Creepy Six Films has you covered with a brand new web series that goes by the admittedly catchy title of Catholic Cheerleaders for Satan.


So, there’s this detective named Roddy Tillinghast. He gets hired to find an old 70’s drive-in flick called “Catholic Cheerleaders for Satan”. He gets beat up a lot! We made a movie about him and his jaw-cracking, gun-slinging friends. This movie is called “The Hard Cut Double/Feature” and is coming out next year, in 2011.

But wait… we also found the real deal — the “Catholic Cheerleaders for Satan” movie from 1978. Timewarp! Only, the print was effed, we couldn’t really show anyone. So instead of letting people think we’re a bunch of liars, we went and remade this movie, like shot-for-shot pretty much. Then we took the print and dragged it across the cement and some broken glass and shit… So it kinda looks like the old effed up print we dug up now.

Anyhoo, we’re going to send this thing out to the world, one reel at a time. Soon. Very soon. And then, maybe later, you can see what happens to the poor detective who tried to track this sister-loving drive-in flick down…

Creepy Six Films have also been finalizing their feature film titled “The Hard Cut”; the story follows a detective hired to find a specific cut of this CULT film only to find himself deeply tangled in a world of the underground.

“Catholic Cheerleaders for Satan” is a stand-alone but is directly connected to the feature film “The Hard Cut”, which is also directed by Vince D’Amato.

Head on over to Creepy Six Films to catch the first two reels and check back for future installments to be uploaded ever Sunday and Wednesday until February 2, 2011.


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