Tour the House that Ack Built on Your Way to the Famous Monsters of Filmland 1st Film Fest!

Hello Forry fans! Long time no scream! It’s me, your monster cuz Joe Moe just checking in to update you on the latest in Forrest J Acker-tivity!

First off, there are a number of Forry-related products making the rounds in this final quarter of 2010. Currently on the bookstore shelves is Jim Green and Al Astrella’s photo-packed picture book of the Ackermuseum: A Forbidden Look Inside The Ackermansion. This full-color trade paperback is published by genre veterans Gary and Sue Svelha at Midnight Maquee Press.

Tour the House that Ack Built on Your Way to the Famous Monsters of Filmland 1st Film Fest!

Astrella and Greene’s book is a comprehensive graphic tour of the Akermansion in its’ hey day as well as some material on Forry’s final nesting place – The Acker-mini-mansion. John Landis writes a gracious Forryword for this edition and I am proud to have contributed the afterword to this tribute. Both Al and Jim are “fans-fans” and the book is composed primarily of Al’s photos taken over his many visits to Horrorwood, Karloffornia and Dr. Ackula. This is the most lavish book of photos assembled to date (other than the glorious-glossy Japanese tome; Forrest J Ackerman’s HORROR & SIC-FI Collection Museum by dear Forry-pal and my Japanese monster-brother Hajime Ishida).

Tour the House that Ack Built on Your Way to the Famous Monsters of Filmland 1st Film Fest!

Also, hot off the well-respected presses of McFarland Publications comes — The Life of FORRY by Deborah Painter. Also schlock full o’ personal pix, this hard bound “kitchen sink” biography touches on Forry’s beginnings and spans his entire life. Debbie was a long-time friend of Forry’s and has told me, “I made this book to honor Forry and to please the people who loved him”. Debbie was a fixture at Forry events throughout his life and has a wealth of personal information to share with the fans. I was thrilled and honored to be asked to provide the introduction for this book. I tried to speak from the heart about my friendship with Forry and my take on his place in fandom, warts and all. McFarland Publishing has been long admired for their well-researched, academic faire. But this whimsical visit with the Ackermonster is a welcomed summer picnic of Forry-lore. I’m very pleased with the way it all turned out. The first run of this book sold out within weeks of its release and has now gone into subsequent printings. Good going Deb!

Tour the House that Ack Built on Your Way to the Famous Monsters of Filmland 1st Film Fest!

Now, here’s some exciting news for all monster movie fans. Famous Monsters of Filmland has just announced it’s 1st annual Imagi-movie (another Forry-coined term) Film Fest! Have a look:


Famous Monsters of Filmland announced it’s first annual film competition and showcase: The Imagi-Movies Festival. The company announced the festival will be held at the Plaza Cinemas 14 in Oxnard, California on April 1-3, 2011.

“The Imagi-Movies Festival will celebrate Forrest J Ackerman’s legacy and his devotion to inspiring and evoking the imagination of storytellers,” announced Publisher Philip Kim. “The weekend will be filled with independent works that have been submitted to Famous Monsters alongside a great lineup of special features honoring the filmmakers and actors we have all come to love.”

Along with the independent shorts and features from our submission finalists, the Imagi-Movies Festival will be the first stop in a series of Vincent Price Centennial celebrations in 2011. The celebration will include screenings of Vincent Price’s films, a presentation by his daughter Victoria Price, and special tributes from guests.

Also featured at the festival is a Famous Monsters and The H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival compilation of Lovecraft films in honor of one of horror’s iconic writers. Another highlight will be a Stephen King Dollar Babies. Throughout the weekend we will showcase independent films based on the author’s short stories. Writers and directors from Stephen King’s feature films will also be present. Upcoming horror films such as Universal’s The Thing will be showing exclusive previews.

Filmmakers can still submit their short films, feature films or screenplays for the competition via Withoutabox and at Imagimovies.com by February 28th, 2011. Event tickets are now available for sale and sponsorship opportunities are now open. “We’re honored to be holding the first Imagi-Movies Festival in the new year,” added Kim. “The film premieres still to be announced and celebrity guests we have planned are sure to be a hit for the fans!”

So, lots of Forry happenings even though the grand old man himself will be ushering in the New Year with upstairs with Prince Sirki.

Coming in 2011? At least one more Forry bio. A continuing Forry presence at Eliot Brodsky’s already legendary MONSTERPALOOZA and a “Life After Death” documentary about a possible ghostly Forry visitation (being shot by Sci-Fi Boys director Paul Davids) and lots more.

Do you have a Forry project in the works? We’d like to hear all about it. Until then? Up, up and away! With 4EJ!!

Tour the House that Ack Built on Your Way to the Famous Monsters of Filmland 1st Film Fest!

Joe Moe

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