The Greatest American Hero to Fight The New Horror of Party Beach

The Horror of Party Beach is one of those beloved old flicks that are so ridiculous it’s nearly impossible to resist the wiles of its charm. And like any movie that’s ever made us happy in any way, a remake is of course on its way with someone super tackling the directorial duties.

William KattFangoria reports today that William Katt (House, Mirrors 2, “The Greatest American Hero”) will be bringing us a remake of this timeless tale of men in rubber suits attacking jovial dancing teenagers.

I didn’t realize that it had quite an extensive fan base — it’s kind of a drive-in cult classic — and it has a real pizazz”, says Katt of the original film. “Kind of an old-fashioned word, but I don’t know how better to describe it. So our job as filmmakers is to try and pay homage to the film and update it at the same time.”

“One of the things we’re doing here to pay homage to the original is these kids are throwing a ’60s-themed party on the beach, and everybody is dressed in that style. They’re modern kids who are fans of that era and having fun with it, but they’re getting killed at the same time,” Katt continues. “The updated side has to do with the film’s creature. The first film involved nuclear waste being dumped into the ocean and falling on these crustaceans that grew into humanoid monsters that attacked the partygoers. We’re kind of doing the same thing, but we’re borrowing from the the BP oil crisis and using that as the genesis: An oil worker is infected, and he becomes the monster.”

Look for more on this one soon. Dig on the groovy trailer for the original flick below.

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  • Vanvance1

    On a slightly disconnected note: I really loved the original House and House 2. Hope they get some blu ray lovin’ sometime.

  • DavidFullam

    No more remakes!

    • Gus Bjork

      Oh c’mon. Horror on Party Beach is a lot of fun but it’s hardly sacrosanct.

      I wonder if the remakes keeps the black maid? I’m thinking not.

      • DavidFullam

        Doubtful, Katt couldn’t even keep the original origin story right in his interview. Makes me wonder if he ever saw it. Then again they might go for super sassy black maid who keeps getting one up on the man.