A Sixth Skyline Clip To Spoil Even More Surprises

Don’t we live in a strange age? Where all of a movie’s ‘good parts’ are chopped up into easily digestible clips and trotted out online as a way of drumming up interest in said film. But doesn’t it suck when you plunk down your cash and, instead of being surprised, you find yourself waiting for all of the footage you’ve seen in the weeks leading up to release? That’s why I haven’t watched a single one of these. But, anyway, here’s a sixth clip for all you spoiler junkies.

Relativity Media nailed the distro rights for the film, which stars Brittany Daniel, Eric Balfour, Donald Faison, Scottie Thompson, and Crystal Reed.

Look for Skyline in theaters November 12th, 2010.

After a late night party, a group of friends are awoken in the dead of the night by an eerie light beaming through the window. Like moths to a flame, the light source is drawing people outside before they suddenly vanish into the air. They soon discover an otherwordly force is swallowing the entire human population off the face of the earth. Now our band of survivors must fight for their lives as the world unravels around them.

Check out the clip below courtesy of MovieWeb


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Matt Serafini

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  • Emy

    I get everyone’s point but this is the same as a lot of other issues with the movie industry these days, lowest common denominator and short attention span of a part of the audience….

    If you are interested in a movie, do like I have been doing for years, avoid the trailers/clips shown and you won’t have anything spoiled.

  • DavidFullam

    This has killed my buzz for the film. Will we go back to the days of not spoiling the film in Internet clips and trailers?

  • PelusaMG

    Didn’t these guys do this with the AVP:R trailer – show all the best bits before the film was released, leaving not much else to see in the movie? I’m not watching any of these clips either, as I don’t want anything to spoil the movie when I go and see it next week. In fact, I’m growing increasingly tired of movie producers dropping their skirt before the show; that is, before we’ve had a chance to fondle their breasts in a dimly lit theatre!
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