DVD Releases – October 26th: In Space No One Can Hear You Scream in 7.1 Surround

You know we are nearing the end of October when the pace of horror DVD title releases starts slowing down. I guess the powers that be banked on everyone buying horror DVDs several weeks before Halloween. Is that true? Are you folks doing just that, or are you only now starting your Halloween viewing party planning?

Anyway, while this week’s bounty includes monsters in the water and in the sky, with mostly direct-to-DVD, TV movies and old re-releases, the juggernaut monster is the one in space with a complete set in one neat package.

Alien Anthology on DVDAlien Anthology
Directed by Various

For the first time ever, the studio has united the material from every home video release of the ALIEN saga including the 1991/1992 laserdisc releases, the 1999 “Legacy” release and 2003’s groundbreaking ALIEN QUADRILOGY release into one complete Blu-ray collection. The set also includes two versions of each film and over four hours of previously unreleased exclusive material such as original screentests of Sigourney Weaver prior to filming the original ALIEN, unseen deleted scenes, thousands of still photographs from the Fox archives, the previously unseen original cut of “Wreckage and Rage: The Making of ALIEN3,” and much, much more. Watch the trailer.

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Lake Placid 3 (Unrated) on DVDLake Placid 3 (Unrated)
Directed by G.E. Furst

Get ready for a living, feeding nightmare when a swarm of gigantic crocodiles terrorizes a secluded country lake. When local wildlife is brutally mauled and campers are reduced to carcasses, biologist Nathan Bickerman knows a voracious predator is on the loose. So does a feisty female hunting guide out for her next trophy. As the body count rises, the local sheriff tries to keep things quiet and keep the tourists coming. But when the horrifying, hulking truth emerges, can anyone stop these cold-blooded killers before they claim their next victim? Lake Placid 3 (review) stars Colin Ferguson, Yancy Butler, Kirsty Mitchell, Kacey Barnfield, and Jordan Grehs. Watch the trailer and a clip.

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Altitude on DVDAltitude
Directed by Kaare Andrews

Altitude (review) follows a group of teens on a weekend getaway aboard a small plane that suddenly turns deadly for the rookie pilot, Jessica Lowndes and four young friends: Julianna Guill (Friday the 13th, “90210”), Ryan Donowho (Bandslam, “The O.C.”), Landon Liboiron (“Degrassi: The Next Generation”) and Jake Weary (“As the World Turns”). Minutes after the group takes off, an unexplained malfunction sends the aircraft climbing out of control into the heart of a mysterious storm. Unable to get their bearings or contact the ground, the survivors gradually realize they are locked in combat with a terrifying supernatural force. Check out the Screamfest coverage.

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Twilight Zone-Fan Favorites (5-DVD Tin Box) on DVDTwilight Zone-Fan Favorites (5-DVD Tin Box)
Directed by Various

This 5-DVD set contains nineteen classic episodes from The Twilight Zone series – over 8 hours of content – housed in a limited edition, collectible tin. The episodes include: Night of the Meek, The Odyssey of Flight 33, A Passage for Trumpet, The Invaders, Steel, Long Distance Call, Nothing in the Dark, A Game of Pool, I Sing the Body Electric, Time Enough at Last, Walking Distance, The Lonely, Nightmare at 20,000 Feet, Kick the Can, Probe 7 – Over and Out, Mr. Dingle the Strong, The Four of Us are Dying, Two, The Monsters are Due on Maple Street.

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Psychomania on DVDPsychomania
Directed by Don Sharp

The cult classic known as the greatest British zombie biker movie ever made returns with the ultimate full-throttle restoration: Nicky Henson (THE WITCHFINDER GENERAL), Beryl Reid (THE BEAST IN THE CELLAR) and Oscar® winner George Sanders (ALL ABOUT EVE, VILLAGE OF THE DAMNED) star in this beloved 70s mind-blower about a motorcycle gang who burst from their graves to crush a world of psychedelic hippie pleasures under the wheels of black leather occult mayhem. You ve got to believe it s come back: PSYCHOMANIA from veteran horror director Don Sharp (KISS OF THE VAMPIRE), the blacklisted Hollywood screenwriters of HORROR EXPRESS, and featuring some of the wildest cycle stunts of the decade has now been restored from the only uncut 35mm print in existence and packed with new Bonus Features produced exclusively for this edition.

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Cannibal Girls on DVDCannibal Girls
Directed by Ivan Reitman

Released in 1973 and directed by a then-largely unknown Ivan Reitman , Cannibal Girls quickly acquired a reputation as the B-movie concoction of the 1970s. Canadian audiences had never before experienced such a rich blend of camp, gore and comedy. On top of the films overt B-movie presentation, the theater-going public was also introduced to the warning bell experience: just prior to a scene of particular malice, the easily upset viewers would be warned by the sound of a bell, at which point they could shut their eyes. Cannibal Girls star Eugene Levy, Andrea Martin, Ronald Ulrich, and Bonnie Neilson.

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Maniac (30th Anniversary Edition) (1980) on DVDManiac (30th Anniversary Edition) (1980)
Directed by William Lustig

Frank Zito (a career performance by co-writer/co-executive producer Joe Spinell of Rocky and The Godfather fame) is a deeply disturbed man, haunted by the traumas of unspeakable childhood abuse. And when these horrific memories begin to scream inside his mind, Frank prowls the seedy streets of New York City to stalk and slaughter innocent young women. Now Frank has begun a relationship with a beautiful photographer, yet his vile compulsions remain. These are the atrocities of a human monster. This is the story of a Maniac. Maniac stars Joe Spinell, Caroline Munro, Gail Lawrence, Kelly Piper, and Tom Savini.

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Mutants on DVDMutants
Directed by David Morlet

Like David Cronenberg s The Fly, co-writer and director David Morley s fright flick Mutants (review) turns the horror genre on its head and makes it personal. It s one thing to kill a zombie. But what if the zombie was someone you loved? ER doctor Sonia and her boyfriend Marco take refuge in an abandoned base when a pandemic has turned almost everyone in the world into a flesh-eating monster. But one of the creatures infects Marco and soon Sonia is fighting off zombies, dealing with her own pregnancy and desperately hoping for a cure as Marco literally disintegrates before her eyes. Finally, Sonia faces the truth: the one man worth fighting for has become the one man she must fight against to survive. Mutants (trailer) stars Helene de Fougerolles and Francis Renaud.

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The Dead Outside on DVDThe Dead Outside
Directed by Kerry Anne Mullaney

In the stark aftermath of a neurological pandemic, two strangers come together on an isolated Scottish farm. April, a 16 year old survivor with a dark past has survived alone for months. Daniel, a man bereaved, clings desperately on to hope of life in the outside world. Questioning his own sanity in the face of the maddened and distant cries of the suffering, he finds that the true enemy isn’t the virus, but something much closer to home. The Dead Outside stars Sandra Louise Douglas, Alton Milne, Sharon Osdin, Vivienne Harvey, and John Erskine.

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Hush on DVDHush
Directed by Mark Tonderai

Young couple Zakes and Beth are fighting constantly while they travel down the desolate M1 highway. After they spot or think they spot an hysterical woman chained in the back of a truck that almost runs them over, Zakes calls the cops and considers his work done. Beth wants to track the truck down and is so angry when Zakes refuses that she storms off at the next pit stop. When Beth doesn t return, Zakes realizes she too has been captured and plunges into a terrifying high-speed cat and mouse game on the highway. Can Zakes cut off the ruthless trucker or will the mysterious maniac manage to deliver his human cargo to its final, terrifying destination? Hush stars William Ash, Christine Bottomley, Andreas Wisniewski, and Claire Keelan.

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Lynch Mob on DVDLynch Mob
Directed by Byron Erwin

The rural town of Lynchburg, Georgia holds a dark secret. A century-old curse has condemned the citizens to a diet of human flesh. Unable to leave the city limits the town folks must lure unsuspecting travelers to their quaint town where they soon become the menu item of choice. Problems arise when the Federal Government releases a street savvy criminal into their community under the witness relocation program. Lynch Mob stars Michael H. Cole, Tony Darrow, Paul Borghese, Kristyn Sammons, and Dolan Wilson.

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Death Tube on DVDDeath Tube
Directed by Fukuda Youhei

Tragedy begins with curiosity. A young girl gets hooked on a website called “Death Tube,” which broadcasts actual murders in real time… someone is brutally murdering people in a twisted game and showing the footage online through a live feed. At first she didn’t believe it was real, until she is brought into the site itself along with other random internet viewers chosen against their will by the online killer. There is no way out. It is literally a life and death situation, and they must play for their survival in this cruelest of spectator sports. The killing game is about to begin.

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