Canadian Special FX Artist Facing Prosecution for Graphic Short Films

In a scene straight out of a horror film, demonstrators dressed as ghouls and zombies marched around a Montreal courthouse to protest criminal charges being laid against a maker of gory films.

Canadian Special FX Artist Facing Prosecution for Graphic Short FilmsAccording to Yahoo! Canada Remy Couture (pictured right, center) requested a jury trial and pleaded not guilty to charges of moral corruption and distributing obscene material, laid under Section 163 of the Criminal Code.

Police say they arrested Couture after international complaints about the extremely gruesome and realistic-looking violence on his website. That site,, is temporarily shut down but contains links to Couture’s Facebook page and an online petition on his behalf.

As some background, per the Toronto Star, last year Montreal horror film makeup artist Remy Couture was picked up by police, his house and computer searched, after Interpol leveled a complaint based on a couple of short films he made that can be classified, at the very least, as grotesque.

Entitled “Inner Depravity,” they attempt to show the mind of a heinous, drug-taking serial killer whose psychopathic tendencies lead him to also have sex with his dead female victims.

Art to some. Graphic obscenity to the Crown Prosecutors.

But Couture calls the case a disgrace.

“I believe it’s a waste of time. A waste of time for me, and for society,” he said Wednesday. “It’s a waste of money, too. Because I’m not a criminal. I have no record. I’m a special-effects artist…I find this a bit of an embarrassment for Quebec, that this time wouldn’t be spent on real cases. But they’re going ahead.”

He said his only crime is using fake blood, latex and silicone to help tell disturbing stories.

An isolated incident or the start of a distressing trend? Only time … and a hopefully sensible jury … will tell.

Debi Moore

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  • James Coker

    glad to be in the good ole USA!!!

  • DavidFullam

    Sounds like the Guinea Pig controversy all over again.

  • Vanvance1

    This is ludicrous.

    The Canadian government is like a giant socialist nanny treating it’s citizens like children.

    In Canada the biggest crime is not being politically correct. We even have ‘garbage police’; if you don’t recycle EVERYTHING you are a sinner and should be shot.