UK: FrightFest Halloween All-Nighter Line-Up Announced!

This Halloween (well, Saturday October 30th to be specific), the Empire Cinema in London’s Leicester Square will once again play host to FrightFest’s annual “All-Nighter”. The full line-up has now been announced. Feast your eyes!

Of course Dread Central will be there to bring you all the info you need on the movies shown. Hope to see you there!

  • CONFESSIONS (UK Premiere)

    A teacher attempts to wreak a terrible revenge on the students she blames for the death of her 4-year-old daughter in Kamikaze Girls and Memories of Matsuko director Tetsuya Nakashima’s ethereal and sinister shocker, selected as Japan’s official entry for the 2010 Oscars. Through the most twisted retaliations, a stunning operatic style, fabulous cinematic flourishes and a theme song by Radiohead, you’ll be blown away by this intensely savage masterpiece throbbing with the darkest of emotions. Shot in the cool greys and blues of a world permanently drained of colour by collective trauma, the heroes and villains of Nakashima’s universe inflict constant pain, the only sure-fire means of communicating their own suffering. An unforgettable experience.

    106 mins * Director: Tetsuya Nakashima * Japan 2010
    Takako Matsu – Yuko Moriguchi
    Masaki Okada – Yoshiteru Terada
    Yoshino Kimura – Naoki’s mother

  • ALTITUDE (UK Premiere)

    Having lost her mother in a tragic plane accident, rookie aviator Addie’s father has forbidden her to fly. Nevertheless, determined to follow in her mother’s footsteps, she defiantly makes her debut flight. But disaster strikes. A freak mechanical failure sends the tiny aircraft climbing through a storm to an impossible height, and then plummeting through a terrifying inexplicable mist. After regaining control Addie and her friends are lost in a mysterious cloudbank and are confronted with a horrifying realization – the ground beneath them has vanished and a malevolent supernatural force lurking in the clouds wants them dead. Directed by Kaare Andrews, an award-winning artist and filmmaker, who in the comic world has written and drawn Spider-Man and The X-Men and provided acclaimed covers for The Incredible Hulk.

    90 mins * Director: Kaare Andrews * Canada 2010
    Jessica Lowndes – Addie
    Julianna Guill – Mel
    Ryan Donowho – Cory
    Jake Weary – Sal
    Landon Liboiron – Bruce

    New Altitude Stills Show Off the Beast!

  • THE SILENT HOUSE (UK Premiere)

    Are you ready to face real fear in real time? Then here’s this year’s Cannes sensation that’s a technical, visual and atmospheric achievement unlike any other in horror history. For director Gustavo Hernandez shot his haunted house shocker on a professional Canon DSLR camera in one full, non-stop, unedited take to put you in the picture like never before. Laura and her father arrive at a remote cottage on the eve before their contract to renovate it begins. Dank, dark, gloomy and bereft of electricity – forcing the pair to rely on battery lanterns and candles – they sit and wait alone while the house owner heads out for food. He leaves them with only one instruction: Don’t Go Upstairs. When her father does just that to investigate some strange noises, Laura’s stark staring fright night commences… Strong, compelling and mesmerising, The Silent House is a remarkable exercise in spine-chilling terror.

    79 mins * Director: Gustavo Hernandez * Uruguay 2010
    Florencia Colucci – Laura
    Gustavo Alonso – Laura’s Father
    Abel Tripaldi – The House Owner
    Maria Salazar – The Girl

  • Midnight – CHOOSE (World Premiere)

    Move over, Jigsaw. Scarlip is the new games master on the shock block. For even though you choose, you lose, and you must pick till it makes you sick! A girl awakes to find her parents tied and gagged in their bedroom. She is told: “Do what I say or die”. Then the deformed maniac Scarlip turns over an hour glass filled with his own blood and issues an order: “I’m going to kill your mother or your father. You have sixty seconds to decide which one”. Both will be horrifically slaughtered if she doesn’t choose – and this unnatural selection scenario is about to be played over and over again. Only Fiona (rising star Katheryn Winnick) knows the deep-rooted answer to the Scarlip conundrum. For the dark past catches up with everyone sooner or later.

    90 mins. * Director: Marcus Graves * USA 2010
    Katheryn Winnick – Fiona
    Nicholas Tucci – Scarlip
    Kevin Pollak – Sheriff Tom Wagner
    Bruce Dern – Dr. Ronald Pendleton
    Richard Short – Detective Benson

  • THE REEF (Preview)

    There’s grief on The Reef in the scariest shark chiller since Jaws. For four old friends it seemed like a dream come true – a week cruising the world’s most beautiful coral reef on their own yacht. But when the vessel capsizes, leaving them stranded on the over-turned hull, that dream turns into a nightmare. What should they do? Stay with the damaged boat that could sink at any moment? Or take their chances and swim for land they hope lies 12 miles away? Deciding on the latter option they take to the open water – only to learn too late they are being stalked by a deadly great white shark. Taking a high place in the sub-genre of wilderness survival horrors, Black Water director Andrew Traucki’s true-life shocker puts ordinary people in an all-too believable extreme situation and milks the suspense to screaming point when small actions become epic tragedies.

    89 mins * Director: Andrew Traucki * Australia 2010
    Adrienne Pickering – Suzie
    Zoe Naylor – Kate
    Gyton Grantley – Matt
    Kieran Darcy-Smith – Warren
    Damian Walshe-Howling – Luke

    Andrew Traucki's The Reef


    They do exactly what you think they do! Before he produced David Cronenberg’s classic chillers Shivers and The Brood and helmed Meatballs and Ghostbusters, Ivan Reitman directed this low-budget, mainly improvised, purposely trashy and surreal shocker with Canadian Second City TV cult comedians including future stars Eugene Levy and Andrea Martin. When a young couple’s car breaks down in the remote town of Farnhamville, they learn the local legend of the Cannibal Girls and visit the diner where they supposedly lived. But why are they the only customers, and who are the strange waitresses serving at the table for their host, the Reverend Alex St. John? For the first time since its cinema release in 1973, FrightFest presents live and re-mastered ‘The Picture with the WARNING BELL! When it rings – close your eyes if you’re squeamish!’ in all its gruesome gimmick and gag glory.

    84 mins * Director: Ivan Reitman * Canada 1973
    Eugene Levy – Clifford Sturges
    Andrea Martin – Gloria Wellaby
    Ronald Ulrich – Reverend Alex St. John
    Randall Carpenter – Anthea
    Bonnie Neilson – Clarissa


    From Finnish filmmaker Jalmari Helander comes the true story behind the legend of Santa Claus, a horned ancient demon known as the Yule Goat who terrorized the children of Lapland by spanking them to hell and back. When an American drilling team unearth Saint Nick’s tomb in the Korvatunturi Mountains, it’s up to a canny local child and a trio of reindeer herders to prevent the festive evil from being released to cause havoc upon the world. Or could Santa’s Little Helpers be the key to reviving the deprived area’s economic fortunes? In the fun fantasy horror tradition of Gremlins, Helander’s cult movie is a playful, heartfelt black comedy filled with unnerving images and visual treats using the frozen expanse of northern Scandinavia to paint stunning otherworldly tableaux. Slay bells ring – are you listening?

    85 mins * Director: Jalmari Helander * Finland 2010
    Onni Tommila – Pietari
    Jorma Tommila – Rauno
    Per Christian Ellefsen – Riley
    Tommi Korpela – Aimo
    Rauno Juvonen – Piiparinen

    Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale to Strike this Christmas

    If you’d like to attend in person, then tickets are on sale NOW and can be ordered from the Empire Cinema’s booking line on 08 714 714 714 or online at Empire Cinemas at a cost of £50.

    1, – Find the “book now” box on the right-hand side of the home page.
    2, – Click the “select a cinema” tab and select Leicester Square.
    3, – Click the “select a film” tab and choose Film4 FrightFest Halloween All-Nighter.
    4, – Select a date: Saturday 30th October.
    5, – Select a time: Click the offered time, and a seating plan will open up.
    6. – Select your seat(s) and go through the payment process.

    UK: FrightFest Halloween All-Nighter Line-Up Announced!

    For the full programme and timetable, visit the official FrightFest website.

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